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Guwahati needs a proper solid waste management

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In comparison to other cities Guwahati is termed as hub of whole Northeastern region The population of Guwahati is increasing day by day as more people are shifting to Guwahati for education and employment opportunities. Apart from population, one thing is increasing correspondingly and consistently is solid waste created by this population. As a result the management of this waste has become very important.

According to the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, all the ULBs are responsible for the solid waste management activities within their respective jurisdiction. In Guwahati, Guwahati Municipal Corporation is responsible for managing solid waste. The main problem is that we have a rule for solid waste management in Guwahati, but it is not functioning properly. The primary collection of waste which includes door to door collection from the households and commercial establishments are irregular and also people in general lack proper knowledge of waste management, the same goes with the officials who collect the garbage, they put everything together without segregating different types of waste which is completely wrong. The waste collected in primary collection are brought to Transfer Stations located in commercial areas Nursery, Ganeshguri and near GMCH Bhangagarh which makes people commuting in that area very much vulnerable to various types of poluting agents. 

After processing in the above mentioned areas all the solids are taken to Deepor Beel which is used as a dumping site for all the waste. Deepor Beel  is considered one of the largest beel in the Brahmaputra Valley of Lower Assam. As this place is issued for dumping site, it is directly affecting the whole environment and species living in it.

Government should take proper and stringent steps towards an improved solid waste management system.

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