Justice For Rituparna Pegu

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A recent event took place in guwahati on Thursday evening. What followed shook everyone's heart to the core. A young man by the name of Rituparna Pegu was killed. What started as a petty dispute transformed into a brutal cold blooded murder. It started with a simple issue over a chair. Four people asked Rituparna to get up and he refused. To everyone's dismay they got angry and stabbed him right in the neck. He died on the spot. These four people were later caught and identified as migrants from Bangladesh who are now in police custody.
In recent times, there have been numerous incidents about people being killed for absolutely no fault of theirs. For example, a couple years, a gruesome act of mob lynching occurred where Abhijeet and Neelotpal were killed in a similar manner, Sanatan Deka's cold blooded murder in broad daylight. These are just a few of hundreds of murders that have happened in recent times. Now the question remains is that why do these cruel acts happen in the first place and why justice isn't granted in many such cases. People forget about these cases after a day or two of their occurance, which is very sad. Everyone has the right to be free. The government should be pressurised enough to take serious actions against the accused or else these kinds of cruelsome murders won't stop. Life imprisonment or capital punishment should be the only solutions. We can't let innocent people die everyone and not even get justice. Hence through this petition, i request the government to take a harsh statement and to provide each one of the innocent families justice. Let this event also setve ad a reminder of the atrocities faced by the indigenous Assamese population face under the presence of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh who have resorted to various atrocities in the name of religion and sheer violence by subjugation of Murder, Looting, Rapes, Vandalism, Communal harassment and Idol destruction of the native land. Help us raise funds for the grieving Wife and the child who has just lost a father to foreigner violence.