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Asperger's Syndrome

Dear President Obama,

In the Matter of: Allen G. Campos III (Grandson) with Asperger's Syndrome.

This is my personal plea for some consideration for my Grandson Allen III. I beg for Justice and a FULL PARDON. He is my world, I need him as MUCH AS I NEED AIR. Allen III helps me in so many ways that his being locked up is going to lesson both of our quality of life greatly. He helps me by cutting my grass, shoveling my snow, helping me to get out of a chair, helps me get up from the floor, gets my shoes on. And so many other things you could could not start to imagine. I have been 100% disabled since 1996 caused by an on the job back injury and Three back surgeries including a double fusion. The DR died from the same infections two months later. I have survived but not with out the help of HEAVY medications.

I have to prepair two days before any court date if I am to attend. Most days I don't leave the house. My Grandson having to go to jail is going to cost us all greatly in our quality of life. Then there are all the family gatherings we will not be able to attend because of a mix grandchildren. That is going to cause many problems over the years. I hope this entire thing to be over asap and, I hope this is not going to follow him the rest of his life. Should he become lucky and find a woman who will except him as he is and he has children, it would be a crying shame if he can never go to their school to pick them up. Or attend any of their school functions, graduations, etc. Please take into consideration he has Aspergers and has been comprimised as a result. I would be more than happy to take him in for the rest of my life. This grandson is the love of my life and we have 26 grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He is by far my favorite and can't live without him.

The problem now is that the Judge did not even read the original Petition BUT, said she was mad about the Petition!!! Also stated she had made up her mind about his Sentencing the first time she had seen him!!! Before she ever read a word about his case!

I repeat myself at the risk of being boring. These charges stem fron an insident dating back to when my Grandson Allen III was 12 years old with Asperger's Syndrome. His second Attornet said that if he were still a DA he would use the interview Video as a teaching tool as to "HOW NOT TO CONDUCT AN INTERVIEW WITH AN ASPERGER'S PERSON!"

Please read the attached letter information about Allen III.

My PLEA is for a Pardon for my Grandson, Please.

Thank you for your time, Please feel free to contact me for any more info about Allen III,

Allen E. Campos Ph.D.

535 E. Homer St.

Milwaukee, WI 53207



I would like to start with a little about me. My wife and I have been blessed with six children between us, twenty-six grandchildren and two great granddaughters.

Our grandson Allen III was born under some unexpected circumstances, at least not expected by us. He was my instant heart throb and I looked forward to helping to raise him to manhood.

By the time Allen III was three his parents had split and he remained with his mother. It was about this same time he fell off the top bunk bed and split his head on the angle iron of the lower bunk.

It was not but a hand full of years later he was living with his Dad and fell out of a second floor window on his head. Again more head injuries and more staples in his head, I think it added to his problems.

Allen was displaying problems with fitting in with other kids. The school system did not have funding for him in special classes for his early days. Then it was not followed up on for some years as he was bounced between parents. He attended Five Elementry Schools in Five years.

His mother did take him to the Autism Association and was told he was Autistic with a problem called Asperger’s Syndrome. This is a problem present from birth.

Allen III was shunned by his siblings and they went so far as to not ride with him on the school bus or associate with him at school. They did not sit with him for lunch or any other reason. This was promoted by his step-mother Tammy, she did not like the fact Allen III was different from the other kids. And I feel a part of the social worker and Police involvement in Jan 2011. When he was arrested from his special needs class room. Taken in custody and questioned like a normal person would be. You can’t do that to a person with Asperger’s.

He was accused of sexual contact with a minor. He was 12 at the time. This was five years later when he was 17 (he is 18 now)! Just happens there was an ugly divorce going on (Jan 2011) at the time. His step mother had the other kids calling him “IT” and not Allen.

Allen III has also been the target of bullying for years. Three times in the last year he has been beaten, last time to unconsciousness. The school VP found him out cold in the boys’ room in a pool of blood. Third concussion and staples in his head over that years’ time.

Allen has been with me many times and weeks at a time at our place in northern WI. I had to teach him to count using dice and a deck of playing cards. One on one Allen is great and focused; alone he is lost and scared.

Allen III has performed many community events with me for Public TV to events for the WI DNR for years. Two Hundred Ninty-Six hours last year alone.

He can follow directions one at a time but falls down when given
two or three tasks at once. Since he turned eighteen he thinks he has all the freedom in the world. But we all know it is a learning thing to know boundaries in life. He is only eighteen in physical stature not in mental capacity

This is what has contributed to an encounter with his sister at age twelve. His mental capacity was much less than hers, putting him on a more level playing field of his sister of eight years old. She is far advanced for her age and found out early what men want. As my grandson told me it was a game of dare. She dared him to drop his pants and he did. She did the Fellatio, that was the only activity and NO penetration was ever attempted. She and her older sister were the one to do the activities’ not him.

The Judge did not take the advise of TWO Phycatrists, the DA, our Attorney, and many family members who all said he will not make it in Jail. He becomes a target as soon as they see he is a problemed young man.

Allen III is now facing time in Jail, sex offender classes and six years probation. Plus he will be labeled for life as an ADULT sex offender. His sister told a school social worker about this in Jan 2011 when Allen was seventeen. The Brookfield PD came into his class special needs class room and cuffed him, took him to Brookfield PD and questioned him for a long time. He again was scared out of his wits. He had never been in trouble before. This has been hanging over his head since.

His attorney charged me $10,000 to help my grandson in this case but, it got to a point that he said just plead guilty because I want another $10,000 to take it to a jury trial. He plead guilty by advice of his attorney. He is sitting in jail in Waukesha County (Home of Scott Walker favorable court decisions) at age eighteen more scared out of his wits than ever. He just started on anti-depression medications over all this going on. Allen is very confused because he does not understand what is happening to him or why. He just graduated Hs June 9th, no job, no money.

 As it was I took from our retirement funds. My wife is about to retire at 67 and there is no more money to give. We will be in the bread lines, if there are still any around. I feel if in fact he was tried by a jury of his piers they would have to have something to do with Autism or they could never understand his disability.

I did find a new attorney I had to made payment of another $15,000.00. I feel like he is going to be our best shot since he has a son with Asperger’s too. Nothing working very well or favorabley.

Sorry for bending your ear but I felt you needed to get as much information as I could give about my Grandson Allen III. If there is anything you can do or advise me on please do. I cannot lose my name sake grandson because he has problems inside his head. He needs mental help not jail time with hard criminals. He has been locked up the last three months, he has lost over 25 pounds. Allen III was only about 140 pounds at 5'8" to start with. He was thin, now he is nothing but skin and bone. He can not handle the stress with his Asperger's, it will not allow him the tools needed to overcome it. The judge would not release him into my custody but put him in Huber (work release) jail. He will never survive prison; it would be the end of him.

Every time he comes back from any place he is forced into a cavity search. Now he is being sexually & verbally bullied and in only a matter of time he will sexually abused. They have had to move him five times already for his own safety. I do not want him labeled, for what he did as a 12 year old “challenged child”. I don’t want this BS his sister's initiated to start with, following him for a lifetime of hell as a Felon Sex Offender. He is so passive you can get him to do anything. I don’t want his inability to understand it to cost him the rest of his young life. NO ONE likes a sex offender. They do not have a choice where they can live or work. I know his sisters and I know who is bad and who is good. I will never in my life time blame Allen III for starting any of it. With all the things against him he will never be able to function or have a chance in life after that.

My goal is a pardon by you sir, Mr President Obama.

Thank you for your time,

Allen E. Campos Ph.D. 

535 E Homer St

Milwaukee, WI 53207


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