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Facebook Supports Animal Abuse

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He was beaten by a woman. She hit him with objects and threw his tiny body around. She finally grabbed him- the small animal struggled to get away. But this woman was enraged and full of violence. Her children watched in horror and fear as they saw their own mother rip this animal's head from its body.

This horrific act of rage and violence happened in the US on Feb 4, 2018. It was posted on a Facebook group to the accolades and joy of the groups thousands of followers. This should never have gotten past moderators - it should have been put into the hands of local police.

But instead - this act of horror was cheered by hordes of Facebook spectators.

Facebook supports acts like this EVERY day.  EVERY day animals are tortured and killed and the photos are posted to Facebook groups. The actions are illegal and the encouragement of violence is even more shocking. No animal, of any species, deserves to be tortured for the amusement of Facebook Groups. 

Facebook needs to END it's latent support of animal abuse. Animal abuse is illegal in the US. Anyone who posts photos or engages in the open celebration of animal neglect or abuse on ANY Facebook site needs to be removed and needs to face the law.


No one should have to open Facebook and be witness to open animal abuse in groups that promote violence and illegal animal torture. Those who try to stop the illegal activity are swiftly "silenced" by group "moderators." We will not be silenced any longer. Animal abuse is illegal in the US, it is NOT part of humane farming and it is NOT part of homesteading. Illegal MEANS illegal.




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