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ASP: Women Pro Surfers Deserve Equal Prize Money, Events and Locations to Men

Everyone agrees that Women's Surfing has progressed and is the best it has ever been, but still the Women's Tour is undervalued by the ASP. Women Professional Surfers have a total prize packet of $120,000. The men have $450,000. Women Pro surfers have 8 events. The men have 10. Women Pro Surfers are scheduled for spots like Biarritz in July, when there are no waves. If the event is cancelled, the ASP don't pay their expenses. Professional surfers already prove their worth to get on the tour in the first place. In such competitive conditions, the women should be afforded the same prize money as men to make a living that allows them to continue to compete. The ASP builds a brand off their talents but is not investing equally in female athletes. 

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    Kieren Perrow
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    Jessi Miley-Dyer

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