Asosiasi Daur Ulang Plastik: STOP Uji Materi Pelarangan Plastik Sekali Pakai di Bali! We are all fighting the same plastic scourge on our planet. PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS PLEA FOR HELP! Please read, sign & share my petition too. It is VITAL that DEADLY PLASTIC Takeaway Dome/Flat Drink Lids & Ring Seals are banned NOW.  The cruel & lethal DOME LID nooses are rife in the fast food industry & KILLING wildlife. The Government need to enforce regulations on Supermarkets and the Fast Food & Cafe Industries to make ethical choices. I started my petition in April 2019. I need you & your thousands of passionate Supporters to assist in this campaign too please. I've sent hundreds of emails to Politicians, Media & Environment Groups but have failed to gain consistent momentum. Innocent creatures are suffering & dying horrific deaths. The cruelty must stop. Thank you from all creatures great and small, and me, Wendy.

Wendy Wallin, Deception Bay, Australia
7 months ago
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