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Full ASL Version:

Community members, Potential members, and ASLTA members: An Open Letter for ASLTA Board
ASL Version:
We, community members, potential members, and ASLTA membersare deeply concerned about our current organization that is being mishandled by board members who are deemed unqualified.This letter seeks an inquiry in order to restructure the organization with the approbation for the board members included to comply within ASLTA’s by-laws.
By-laws summarizes the backbone of the organization. Bylaws was developed and approved by members of ASLTA in respectful tumble of agreement that had been recognized as STAKEHOLDERS of the organization. Both board members and members MUST comply with by-laws. Any changes of by-laws must be approved by members of ASLTA.
We, the members of ASLTA, are concerned with revised bylaws that did not review or vote upon by members, the stakeholders of the organization. The existing Board members obtained an action and approved new changes for the bylaws without members’ involvement that compel proper votes. From knowledge of the meaning of vote and the structure of the organization.
ASLTA’s current operation is based on bylaws. Qualified and certified Board members MUST comply with the by-laws and ensure its operation. Elected Board members MUST meet the criteria as outlined in the bylaws. All operations shall be communicated to members; Transparency is recognized. We had been involved and become an important part of the process—even at the greatest distance. We, the members, are totally unaware that there is an situation with ASLTA.
We, the members are also deeply concerned as existing Board members that did not comply with the criteria as stated with the bylaws. There is a concern that needs to be examined and discussed with some members that do not hold ASLTA Professional Certificates and are not qualified. The current Board members do not reflect the membership of diversity. We do not condemn oppressor-successor and neglect. It calls for an inquiry to recognize the failure to address the heart of the life of ASLTA.
As stated in bylaws, minutes of Board meetings must be published and advocated after each meeting. Minutes is one of the avenues of communicating organization’s operation to ASLTA members. How does ASLTA fit into the structure without minutes? We, the members, are concerned as minutes of Board meeting during the year of 2017 that were not posted. With the reports directly from the Treasurer, which reflects the operation of the organization that were not published.
ASL Version:

1)   Business Meeting Minutes that were not posted under ASLTA website:

      a.   Year 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2017 National Professional Development Conference Business Meeting Minutes–  that were not completed with no more than three reviewers.
2)   According to the 2011 Bylaws
a. 90 days before conference begins:
      i.  60 days to email to ALL ASLTA members for their feedback.
      ii. 30 days to email to ALL ASLTA members for their voting roles.
      iii.Announce the outcome at the National Professional Development
      iv. 2011 Bylaws were voted by members
2011 Bylaws failed to follow the processing schedule and must submit a writing that demonstrates leadership on the life and contributions of ASLTA. They voted during business meeting in Minnesota and the 2015 bylaws were debatable.
       a.  All board and standing officers did not follow the ASLTA bylaws.
       b.  At the 2017 Business Meeting, Vice President Keri Brooks announced that the board officers shall suspend Bylaws to allow candidates without certification to become officers and developed an infrastructure. By entering the announcement fails to recognize the leadership of ASLTA from any community accountability and waive any and all causes of action.
      c.  The members did not approve the infrastructure (transition plan) within the bylaws. Therefore, the infrastructure is deprived.
 3)   Communication
      a.  The majority of members did not receive an email, 'E-Blast' from Mr. David Martin.
      b.   Mr. David Martin did not obey the higher officers
      c.    Mr. David Martin and the board and standing officers showed lack of
      d.   Members had sent grievances to the board and they were neglected, delayed or inappropriately resolved.
 4)   Treasury
      a.  The Board members made a decision to hire a hearing parliamentarian.  That does not include a pro bono interpreter and the poor leadership of interpretation for Deaf board members. Thepast parliamentarians were Deaf that were not paid for their many hours of services. This shows blatant discrimination on Ms. Janice Smith-Warshaw,Mr. Jason Zinza and Mr. David Martin’s leadership.
      b.   Mr. Jason Zina holds the accessibility to Vice President and Treasurer email accounts. He handles Bylaws issue and he gets in contact with past presidents. He worked closely with one of hearing parliamentarians, Wanda Sims from National Association of Parliamentarians. That is a breach that acknowledges conflict of interest for his role as the secretary.
      c.    Funds from not noted in the treasurer’s reports. That seeks for an inquiry.
      d.   Funds from ASLHS were not clearly documented and had shown that the money were given to hearing ASL teachers to get ASLTA certifications.  There is not a penny that goes for Deaf ASL teachers.
      e.   Over $125,000 dollars were spent on ASLTA website (from Fall 2014 to Winter 2017) which is ineffective and defective. Jenny Gough and Daniel Heinze had ASLTA disconnect with the business of AllOut MArketing. Jenny Gough and Daniel Heinze consulted and worked with another company, Copper and Water with the website with little and more effective. There was a conflict of interest that the email correspondences were made out to the former president’s business partner to develop the ineffective ASLTA website.
ASL Version:

We the undersigned demand hereby that American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) develop and facilitate the resignation of Ms. JaniceSmith-Warshaw, Mr.JasonZinza, Mr. DavidMartin, Ms. Lisa Godfrey, and Ms. Beatrice Pfaff because they have failed within a broad field of organization inquiry to focus on the following nine objectives:  
      1.  Ms. Janice Smith-Warshaw must resign due to the fact that she did not have a professional level certificate when she became a Professional Development Chair last July 2017. As indicated in 2011 Bylaws, the PDC, Vice President and President must be certified at least two years prior to take these positions. The members did not elect or vote for Ms. Janice Smith-Warshaw to be the President and Ms. JaniceSmith-Warshaw deliberately manipulatedher way to become the ASLTA President without members’ approval or knowledge.
      2.  Mr. Jason Zinza must resign due to the concerns that he did not have an official professional level certification.  Past President, Ms. Arlene Garcia gave Mr. Jason Zinza an honorary professional level certification at the 2015 conference in Minnesota. The ASLTA certified members did not have an opportunity to vote the honorary certification to add and amended it in the 2011 Bylaws. In addition, the ASLTA evaluators never have an opportunity to vote and agree with the honorary professional level certification at all. Mr. Jason Zinza’s honorary professional level certification is invalid and it must be voided. In addition, we are following 2011 Bylaws therefore, an honorary professional level certification is not recognized at all.
      3.  In addition to the demand of Mr. Jason Zinza’s resignation, the 2013-2015 Board members created the position, American Sign Language Honor Society (ASLHS) without members’ vote. The Board members appointed Mr. Jason Zinza as an ASLHA Coordinator, again without the members’ vote. Mr. Jason Zinza mentioned to the members during the 2017 conference in Utah that his position transferred to World Language Coordinator and this position was not recognized and not voted by the members. The WL position did not mention in the 2011 Bylaws. Mr. Jason Zinza as a World Language Coordinator did not complete a MOU between ASLHS and ASLTA during his term as a WL Coordinator and Secretary. In ASLTA members’ eyes, ASLHS is the sole responsibility of ASLTA. Mr. Jason Zinza failed to compel his job to do complete the MOU. His motivation to use ASLHS was to extort money by selling his textbook and encourage hearing teachers to be certified. The percentage of hearing certified ASLTA teachers is higher than Deaf certified ASLTA teachers because Mr. Jason Zinza supplied ASLHS scholarships to hearing ASL teachers.
      4.  Mr. David Martin must resign due to his certification that had been lapsed.  He refused to pay for his extended certification. The current ASLTA board members are considering to make a offer to pay for his certification. That did not follow code of ethics under ASLTA. He failed to obey high level board members’ requests. He did not send email through E-blast to ALL ASLTA members. That also inquires for his leadership. It is a professional skill essential to being a good board member. But to the extent that is like a game, he must pay to earn his right to become a professional individual.
      5. Ms. Lisa Godfrey's ASLHS Coordinator position as the members that did not recognize the ASLHS. In addition, the ASLHS position did not exist in the 2011 bylaws.
      6.   Ms. Beatrice Pfaff must resign due to lack of ASLTA certification. ASLTA is considering to negotiate to pay for her professional level certification. That did not follow code of ethics under ASLTA.
      7.   According to the 2011 Bylaws, the evaluation is separated from ASLTA. It operates by itself. The evaluation system needs to hold due to insufficient certified members participating in the evaluation system – evaluators shows lack of people of culture, favoritism of certain evaluators, and insufficient numbers of getting Deaf people and Deaf People of Culture/Color to be certified. What should we make out of it? Can anyone point to a greater respect than ASLTA itself? It is a root of language oppression.
      8.   According to the 2011 Bylaws, “All of them shall be members of the Board of Directors, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chapter Affiliation Chair, Professional Development Chair, and Member-at-Large shall have Professional level certification and be members in good standing for at least two years prior to election or appointment to the Board of Directors.”  Ms. Janice Smith-Warshaw, Mr. David Martin and Ms. BeatricePfaff do not have Professional level certifications when they became board members during the 2017 conference in Utah. Mr. Jason Zinza’s certification had not been recognized in 2011 Bylaws therefor, he has no professional level certification.
      9.   There would be no reprisals against any ASLTA members and community members involved in the petition.
The current board officers (Ms. Janice Smith-Warshaw, Mr. Jason Zinza, Mr. David Martin, and Ms. Beatrice Pfaff) must resign from ASLTA, effective two weeks from this date, April 14, 2018.  
ASL Version:

Upon the current board officers’ resignation (Ms. Janice Smith-Warshaw, Ms. Lisa Godfrey, Mr. Jason Zinza, Mr. David Martin, Ms. Beatrice Pfaff, and, the following solutions are recommended pending to members’ approval.  
     a.   One of past presidents (1986-2013) will lead Bylaws committee with past presidents.  One of them will establish the Bylaws action force group with specific criterion such as, two (2) Master/Professional level certified members (lapsed or current), two (2) associate members, one (1)  supporting member, one (1) honorary member, two (2) ASL using experts in Social Justice, one (1) representative from non-profit organization, and one (1) ASL fluent parliamentarian. At least three (3) members in this group are people of cultures.
      b.  ASLTA Board officers shall not be voted, the ASLTA board and organization are to be suspended until the members vote new ASLTA officers during the 2019 conference in San Diego.  
      c.    The ASLTA members shall approve the new bylaws at the 2019 ASLTA conference.

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