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Asking the EU and World Rulers to Embrace and Recognize the Catalunya Independence!

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 Dear Governors of the Free World,

I hope to find you all in good health and ready to re-establish democracy in Spain. The EU has been refusing to deal with the issues, but it is only damaging its own image. Refusal to acknowledge the politicide of Spain against Catalunyans is closing a blind eye to the hierarchy of laws, considering that EU law is above Spanish law and Human Rights laws are universal. 

I am not alone, I have the support of 109 EU citizens as of today, October 24, 2017. I am not accusing you of anything, but I need you to use not only legal arguments but your hearts and historical knowledge, in order for you to help me and all people to stop the rise of undemocratic governments in the EU, especially Spain.

The Catalans are the indigenous peoples of the Iberia peninsula. Catalunya means, the Gothsland, or the land of the Visigoths. They were there before the name Iberia and before the Romans.

They didn't agree to be part of Spain. Spain didn't conquer it. Please read about the marriage of Queen Isabella de Aragon with King Ferran V. The relationship between Catalans and Spain stopped there in the middle ages. You cannot allow a marriage of nobles of the past, to allow a people to be a colony of Spain in the 21st century.

Please, we need the EU and World Leaders to intervene and try a peaceful dialogue with Spain because it is a moral and a legal obligation of citizens and governments to denounce illegal acts of their own and also of other governments, when it infringes "jus cogens" or any of the crimes, humanitarian laws have been created to abolish. Hitler, Julius Cesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the Great committed politicide. Recently we say in Srebrenica, that the international community could have intervened, but it was waiting too long and when it did, it was too late.

However, Kosovo independence was recognized by the UN, and it is a much smaller and less economically developed than Catalunya.

We do not wish Catalunya to end as Srebrenica, but we have seen how the Guardia Civil violently reacted towards innocent Catalans.Also, the aggressive measures by Mr. Rajoy and his government and judicial authorities, which we know, are permeated of political motives and illegality at the light of international law.

We cannot accept the EU and the UN to turn their blind eyes.Spain is behaving as a dictatorship. And even if you say, they are using the law, Hitler used Nurenberg laws to commit genocide. Moreover, when 450.000 people as on the 21 of October go to the streets to protest Spanish actions, which law can resist the democratic appeal and rights of the people? Accepting art. 155 is to ignore DEMOCRACY, where its a prerrogative of the people to choose their own governments and laws!

This is a very urgent call for intervention in Spain. The government has threatened Catalunya to take its autonomy, but it has already done it for the last four years, invalidating 24 laws of Catalunya's self-government. Since September, they have intervened on banks and legally decided to cancel the right to self-determination of the people, where there is nothing in the Constitution prohibiting such acts, long before the referendum on October 1st, 2017.

The reason why I and many other EU citizens are contacting you is that we all believe in the EU, democracy and Human Rights. We kindly ask you to do with Spain what the EU did to Poland. We expect that the EU will call the attention of Spain and take serious measures to stop what we citizens consider an abuse of power and unconstitutional behavior of Spain. They insist on defending the indivisibility of the State, but, the Constitution refers also to Human Rights, where the Spaniards are obliged to defend, Please read the English version of the Spanish Constitution, before the Spanish government changes it, as they have this month decided to do. No matter if they do it, Catalunya's problem happened long before art. 155, which is in line with the founders of the PP, who were directly connected to Franco as history shows.

Please Help! Defending Catalunya is defending human rights and democracy, which is protected by UN Human Rights laws, article 2 of the Lisbon Treaty and therefore, above any Spanish rule.

The EU has been reported saying that the Catalunyan issue, is Spain's issues and that you all wish both parties will respect Spanish Constitution. Well, the Catalans respect it. If you look at the preamble of the Constitution, one will see, human rights are above the rights of indivisibility, which is attributed only to the Spaniards. The Constitution discriminates Catalans, which are the people.

However, the Constitution urge the Spanish nation to respect the people:

"Guarantee democratic coexistence within the Constitution and the laws, in accordance
with a fair economic and social order.
Consolidate the State of Law which ensures the rule of law as the expression of the
popular will.
Protect all Spaniards and peoples of Spain in the exercise of human rights, of their
culture and traditions, languages and institutions."

(Preamble of the Spanish Constitution).

I beg you to acknowledge the EU was not made only to serve economic matters. It is no longer just, an economic area, but the EU of citizens. Obviously, you have given too much money to Spain, and therefore, do not wish Catalunya to leave, but that would be inhumane if you close your eyes to the rights of self-determination of the people.

I am here because Spain is violating my rights and the rights of EU citizens in Catalunya.It is my right because I do not wish to be a witness of an EU State violence against others. I and all citizens expect you to defend human rights. I've read all EU laws and they all claim that the condition To be a member of the EU one has to respect the same human rights, you, myself and the Catalans are entitled to have.

As a human I have empathy and I can no longer watch TV or read the News, without seeing the suffering of Catalans and how the EU is not reading the Spanish Constitution and acknowledging the fact, the Catalans are simply claiming for human rights, which are UNIVERSAL issues. EU citizens like me and I ask myself: what is the EU doing with the public money, that they are not doing their job to protect citizens rights and do not stop an aggressive State like Spain?

I am here to ask you to break your silence regarding the Spanish violation of self-determination of Catalunyans, which is an inviolable right. Silence in this issue will undermine the EU provisions which as far as I know, are all based on human rights. The Lisbon Treaty, article 2, protects human rights to all peoples.

Mr.Tusk said recently, after the Spanish, Guardia Civil violence on October 1st, that he knew how a police batton hurts. However, the EU has been silent, when they could be screaming, a perfectly normal reaction when violence happens to your neighbors or to yourself. The EU justified the silence, arguing that it is a Spanish issue!!! 

When human rights are at stake, I understand it is a universal issue, not by chance protected by international and EU law.

I can't be silent because "it is not easy to keep silent when silence is a lie." (Victor Hugo).

I am sorry to bother you, but as far as I know, EU institutions are paid with the tax-payer money, and when the public money is used, and the people are not getting the chance to express themselves, it is not a Catalunyan or Spanish problem only, it is my problem too. I beg you to listen because SILENT hurts.

Preliminarily, I would like to kindly ask you to acknowledge, the problems in Catalunya aren't only a problem for Spain. Moreover, the Constitution of Spain doesn't allow for the argument of Mr. Rajoy, "Catalunya's independence is unconstitutional". That indivisibility so much used in the discourse of the Spanish PM, might be valid for Spaniards, but the Constitution makes a distinction between Catalans, there referred to as "people" or "the nationalities", and the Spaniards and THEIR NATION OF SPAIN. More important is the fact, the Constitution orders the Spaniards to protect and respect the people's human rights!

I have sympathy for you all very important people, our great leaders sometimes, and I understand that the misconception comes from the fact the EU is quite apprehensive, because of the Brexit, so do I, and lots of other people, but we cannot turn the blind eye to the fact, human rights is a universal problem, not only that of the Catalunyans and Spaniards, but as well of all of us in the European Union.

I do not have sympathy for the fact, the EU, insists that human rights, such as the right to self-determination are not an EU issue, I beg your pardon, but you cannot ignore our own EU laws. You cannot just insist for other people around the world to respect human rights if you cannot recognize the issues and laws which are being infringed by Spain.

With all respect for Spain and the EU, human rights are above any other regional or local laws. That is what EU law says, and that is why the UN, has been employing human rights and many Western nations have been using these laws to justify intervention in other sovereign nations, why not interfere in Spain?

I am a pro-European Union citizen and have studied the EU for my whole life. And therefore, I do not understand why, the EU is having a double standard, taking very harsh decisions against Poland for not accepting refugees and taking absolutely, no clear steps, to stop Spain's government, financial recklessness attitude towards its own economy and towards the minority of people, they colonized but recently has been proven, has no legitimacy or consent from them. Why can't the EU stop the arrogance, threats to take away Catalunya's autonomy, and violence coming from Spain and seen by the whole world?

Catalunyans call for independence cannot just be seen, as "a cultural, traditional thing" as it has been said. It is a legitimate call for the independence of a people that Spain forced its own rule over, and the current government more than any other has obviously no CONSENT from the Catalunyan people to govern them. Perhaps we should have some history classes to understand that Spain has not been the most decent power in the world. Pope Alexander VI, divided the world in two, arguing that "DIVINE POWERS" gave Spaniards such a right. Is Spain still believing they have such powers? When most colonies have already become independent, what they did and continue doing against Catalans CAN AS WELL, be subjected to Human Rights Courts. We can't accept Spanish imperialism and dominance in the 21st century. We need a change and I thought the EU by helping change Spain, would be helping us citizens, to avoid another Brexit. Catalunyans independence has nothing to do with that. It is an internal matter for Catalunya, as you have said about Spain, justifying your non-intervention.

With all respect Dear EU, I don't think EU citizens want an undemocratic institution, be it Spain or the EU as a whole. By not interfering and punishing Spanish abuses, you are risking to lose our trust in the European Union!

Many, before you, have worked hard for a democratic EU, I believe you are also doing and exercising democracy. For that matter, I find it unfair that Spain is damaging that image.And, putting the burden on Catalans, abusing of the fact, it is an EU member.

It hurts, it is a moral cause for EU citizens, to defend Catalunya Independence, because otherwise, we are seeing the annihilation of democracy. I believe we do not want this to happen.

I understand that the EU is about unity, but what is the price are you EU authorities willing to take to keep such unity? Use the tax-payers money to invest in the Spanish economy, when there have been clear signs, Spanish government might be in need of a replacement? If there is no capacity to manage Spanish economy, one should acknowledge the problem is from the representatives of that government. That is one more reason why Catalunyans can no longer stand paying an excessive amount of taxes to a government of inertia.Catalunya economy is the only thriving economy in the country and they deserve to be independent. 

Perhaps the EU has lessons to learn from Catalunya. And there are many. One of them is how to exercise democracy in a peaceful way? Lessons from Gandhi, which you've recently celebrated.

In the name of democracy, I would like to ask you to investigate if Spain is acting as a democratic country in relation to the Catalans right to self-determination. Although I believe, the images, many citizens uploaded on the Internet, show how the reality looks like. And it is scary to see how the Guardia Civil, cracked down on innocent people, young and old, even children. It didn't matter if there were elderly people among them, if somebody had a heart condition or others that could be aggravated by the "shock" or if they would have serious health issues after that. I believe, you all at the EU saw it. It was the ugliest thing my children and I have seen on TV and on the Internet!

Moreover, not only Catalan citizens and pro-democracy defenders like me, have been harassed, even companies have been pressured to leave Catalunya as it is the case of SEAT, which has been reported by Spanish newspapers such as Elpais.(

Therefore, nobody can blame Catalunya for the Spanish disasters, when the government in that country seem to have adopted "medieval" tactics, against Catalans, without being critical of the people making that government.

I have been affected directly, because, an innocent interest in the independence of Catalunya, has attracted many trolls from Spain as they were writing to me in Spanish and stalking me online, to the point, there were "unknown" activity in my account, and it was blocked. I'm not the only one, many people have complained that their accounts were closed. Not only Catalans but Spanish citizens, that condemn their own government.

When Spain allows for political prisoners and accused them of a crime, which lawyers have found impossible, one can imagine, the extent and seriousness of the situation.

I come to the conclusion that freedom of expression is not that free in the European Union and I am deeply concerned. We have to deal with the causes of such lack of democracy before it is too late.

Spain has shown the world, that it has refused (several times) to have a dialogue with Catalunyans, has intervened in the State autonomy, since September, and has ordered the Guardia Civil to stop the elections as way to take away the ballots, breaching the most important symbol of democracy, which is the VOTE!

Such behavior has destroyed the image of Spain, which is the sole responsibility for its financial issues, not Catalunya! The Spanish bank crisis is not a Catalan problem. It is Spanish internal politics and lack of managerial skills and if you look deep in that might also be corruption, admitted by several representatives in the government. Also, wrong economic measures. The Noble Prize Economist Stiglitz

Also, wrong economic measures were taken to make things even more difficult.The Noble Prize in Economics, Joseph Stiglitz in his expert opinion, attributes that also to the EU, arguing, "what the European Union has done so far has been minimal and wrong in it is policy direction because austerity measures to restore risk have the effect of reducing growth and increasing debt." 


Spain has in a few days, destroyed its democratic efforts in circa 40 years, and it is affecting the EU. I wonder why the EU has not yet punished Spain when it deserves to explain to citizens of the EU, not only to EU authorities, why it had to use such a medieval approach against citizens of the EU. The Catalans, until now, have been citizens of the EU!

According to EU law, the non-obedience of Community rules, by any EU country might end up in the coercive payment of fines. Which fines will Spain pay for behaving so badly?

I am sorry to see that Spain didn't change much since George Orwell, wrote his "Homage to Catalunya" and I should fear Spanish vengeance for me to speaking up and asking you to protect democracy, but I don't see a reason, so I ask you: why the Catalunyans cannot become independent and be embraced by the EU?

You have condemned many countries in the world, why does Spain act the way it does, when the EU has an obligation to protect its citizens?

 Moreover, why the EU has not stopped Spain when democracy is not only a regional issue but the interest of the EU and citizens all over the world? If you did, we haven't seen it.

It is in the interest of the public and the EU as a credible institution, that the competent authorities, investigate some of the acts attributed to Spain, denounced by the people affected and I hope you'll agree, these are serious breaches of human rights:

The Spanish government has frozen essential bank accounts, violated private correspondences, breaching postal secrecy, imposing censorship on the Internet, and Media, imposing detention of public servants, and allowing for a brutal police violence against voters during the referendum (10.01.2017).

Considering that such abuse of power might force Catalunya to remain in Spain, one cannot say that Spanish rule is legitimate. The element of CONSENT is seriously compromised, and a people oppressed one day, might have to respond. People have waged war for much less than that. The EU should praise Catalunyans for their peaceful protests and do not wait for Spain to recognize it. Independence is inevitable. If Catalunyans have no voice, we need to lend our voice and recognize their independence.

What is democracy for you? To me, it is the most important reason, why life is worth living. I can't imagine myself living in a dictatorship, therefore I am proud of being a citizen of the European Union. I see the Spanish reaction to Catalunya independence as a frightening moment in our history and I beg you to enlighten us, on what is right or wrong. Are the Catalans wrong to exercise their right to freedom and self-determination or is it Spain, that can't even discuss the issues, accusing Catalans of unconstitutional actions?

Well, Spanish Constitution assures the human rights of peoples. If you agree, I urge you to ask Spain to stop harassing the Catalans. 

Today, the Catalan people are living in fear, of a so-called "democratic government", which is unable to have a dialogue with the people the Spanish State insists belong to Spain. History, however, tells us, Spain hasn't treated the Catalans in the same way, it treats the Spaniards. We saw this also, during protests, where the Catalans were met with aggression by the Spanish police, while the Spaniards, saluting each other as in the Franco regime, weren't stopped by the same police, that tried to stop voters during a referendum. Catalunya never forgets the execution of one of its democratic leaders, and the way, a marriage of nobilities decided their future. The very connection of Catalan with Spain is one that reminds us of imperialism, authoritarianism and undemocratic behavior that do not belong in the 21st century!

Today, Catalunia is suffering as a consequence, tomorrow could be any of us if we allow Spain to continue threatening to take autonomy of an independent people, who voted to be free! I fear we do not have a Catalunya-Spanish crisis, we have a crisis of democracy!

Making use of my democratic right to freedom of expression and to question our authorities acts, and demand clarification as needed, I humbly ask your help and attention to the need to prevent the danger of undemocratic behavior of State Members of the EU. If Spain is acting this way, as an EU citizen, I beg you that the country is reminded of the very reason why it has joined the community: the need for observance and respect for human rights.

The Spanish government has, unfortunately, shown, a regretful inability to discuss the political issue of independence of Catalunya, inclusive rejecting advice to deal with the issues, that aren't new, it goes back to the middle ages. He refused to listen to everyone that gave him advice. It was reported that even Mr. Jean-Claude Junker,  was concerned. Countries like Switzerland and Belgium PM, and many others that offered to advise/mediate were denied the opportunity. Spanish PM Rajoy, has incredibly, over-reacted in regard to the Catalan referendum, a democratic right, which Spanish Courts vetted, in a manner which is contrary to our current human rights laws and can be challenged. The vote is a democratic expression of freedom and no arguments by Madrid can change it. Moreover, the Catalunyans have been severely attacked, and even the life of their President, was apparently threatened recently, by the Spanish PP (government party) member Casado, said that Catalunyan President Puigdemont can end up as Lluis Companys, the only democratically elected President in Europe, who was tortured and shot by the Spanish State, ordered by General Franco (

I appeal for your Excellencies sense of justice, not only as authorities of a democratic world but as humans, in the name of human rights. Begging you to reflect on the reason why the Human Rights Convention was enacted, soon after the second world war, to prevent that the crimes committed by Hitler don't happen again. Also, to ask you to defend the rights of Catalans to independence. They dreamt of it, they voted for it, and Spain is threatening the Catalonian government in front of our eyes. As if people's aspiration for independence is something illegal!

If you think Prime Minister Rajoy is right to threaten and ignore the rights of the peoples, I also ask you to publically tell the Catalan people, that Spain is right, and if you do so, please refer to any law that allows Spain to impede the independence of Catalunya and I will move on. And the people will certainly move on. 

I don't know any laws against the rights to self-determination, so I will wait for you to tell me otherwise, so I will stop asking you to defend Catalunya and the Catalans.

However, this is what I know:

If you look at article 2 of the EU Lisbon Convention, you will see, human rights can't be negotiated. And, I do not have to tell you which articles in human rights conventions defend the rights to self-determination of peoples, you have all signed it, including Spain. Moreover, the preamble of Spain Constitution recognizes the peoples have rights. Why doesn't Spain respect it?

If a dream of independence was illegal, none of us would live in a sovereign country considering all nations, in a certain period of time, had to fight for such right.

It is in our historical records, the fact, independence had to be fought, and military superiority and the use of force, was essential for many countries to become independent. Catalunya has no military power, they have been asking peacefully for Spain to recognize it, without violence. 

Spain has shown us all, that the vote, is so powerful they the government had to attack innocent people, that believe in human rights.

Please, use your power democratic nations to allow the Catalunians its independence, because it is a moral right and obligation of all humans.

We can only guarantee democracy in our countries, if you governing powers, defend universal human rights and insist for Spain to recognize Catalunya's independence is a fact, with or without a declaration of independence. Please, do not allow Spain to make it impossible. A people that had the courage to face the Guardia Civil, to vote doesn't need a piece of paper, or ruler to declare independence, but President Carles Puigdemont recognized that and signed it.

Nevertheless, a Spanish parliamentarian publically warned Mr. Puigdemont of what happened to another elected Catalan ruler, who was executed by Franco, for speaking of independence. 

I am not a politician, I'm a simple EU citizen, and I find it hard to see, the Spaniards from Madrid threatening punishment to a region, which never belonged to Spain and do not feel Spanish, and where, the Constitution of Spain recognizes they have a distinct nationality. PM Rajoy, noticing that wants to change the Constitution. But, the people in question, they are Catalans.The only reason Spain wants them to stay is money. However the Catalans aren't for sale, they have a will and a nation of their own! Catalunians aren't slaves of Madrid.

Catalunyans, young and old went to vote, despite being the target of the Guardia Civil of a country that calls itself a democracy: Spain.

Catalunians are living in fear. The scenes of October 1st will never disappear. If it continues under Spanish rule, due to collective distress, the huge amount of people suffering will increase the costs of the State. Independence is therefore, not only in the benefit of Catalunyans but to the benefit of Spain and in the benefit of the European Union. 

It is in your conscious and in our conscious, to recognize, Catalunians do not have to beg for independence, but they do.

In the end, in a hundred years from now, October 1st, 2017, might be referred to as the day, not only Catalunyans have won their independence and respect, but the day the EU recognized and supported democracy. If not, it might be remembered as a day, when democracy lost. This is not what we wish. I hope, we all believe human rights are above any authoritarianism, laws or States.

The people voted because they believed, every human in a democratic world has the right to vote. Apparently, Spain doesn't see the vote as a democratic expression of peaceful and respectful exercise of freedom. What Madrid government forgot, was its obligation towards the UN and the EU, institutions that were created to defend democratic principles. 

When Mr. Rajoy went on Spanish TV to deny the referendum, which we saw happening despite the Spanish police brutality, I hope you will agree, something is wrong in Spain. It is our obligation as citizens to condemn the brutalities and remind Spain of its commitment not only to Spaniards and Catalans but to the international democratic order that many of us Europeans, gave our lives to defend and to keep.

Catalunyans have always been treated as inferiors in relation to the Spaniards. Even the Catalunya language was forbidden by Franco ( Every year, the Catalans beg for their independence on September 11th, which became their national day. The current Spanish Constitution was enacted soon after Franco's death, and the way it was written, denounces its strong emphasis on the Spaniards as the ones that grant rights and obligations to peoples as the Catalunyans, not a unified nation governing together. It makes a distinction between the "nation" and the peoples. That explains the Prime Minister Rajoy order to stop the referendum now in 2017. However, it doesn't justify the brutality. The Spanish PM talks about illegality, but his own Constitution talks about human rights and self-determination is the most important. It is governed by international law, which States Constitution signatories of human rights convention, have no option, but to fully obey.

Spain's government behavior, as seen by the Guardia Civil on October 1st, threatens democratic efforts of the European Union, and offends human dignity, not only in Europe, but it has been seen by the rest of the world as an aggression to all humans.

Spain takes an excessive amount of money from Catalunya ( a region, which has been clearly discriminated by the government, which in its Constitution refers to Spain as a nation and its superiority towards the people (see preamble of Spanish Constitution). Indivisibility is, therefore, an obligation for Spaniards, not for the peoples, who are governed by the Spaniards according to the Constitution, implying that the Catalans and other people's minority in Spain, have to accept what the majority of Spaniards decide for them.

Catalunyans speak a distinct language, and matters of nationality are dealt with by the local, regional government, allowed by the Constitution to govern themselves. Spain's Constitution, says, it respects human rights, and self-determination is the most important of them for the peoples.The ambiguous text of the Spanish Constitution discriminates between Spaniards and the peoples of Spain, but curiously recognized the right of the peoples, to be self-governed, and their right to self-determination, as it recognizes human rights “for all”.
The indivisibility which has been used by Prime Minister Rajoy and any argument by the EuropeanUnion if based on the Constitution of Spain falls short of reasons and lack legal grounds. That is enough to say, Spanish Constitution has no provisions that could be applied to condemn Catalonia referendum (October 1st) and Declaration of independence (October 10th., 2017), witnessed by the rest of the world as well as the unreasonable attack of the Guardia Civil.
The Spanish Constitution which has been used by PM Mariano Rajoy, to threaten the application of article 155, in its preamble, guarantees the protection not only of the Spaniards but of the” peoples” exercise of human rights:
“Protect all Spaniards and peoples of Spain in the exercise of human rights, of their culture and Catalunya has been asking for a dialogue on independence, since the Middle Ages, and at the time of Portugal independence of Spain. The only historical connection of the Catalunyan people with Spain, was a fatal marriage between Ferdinand II of Aragon king of Aragon who became the King of Castille as Ferdinand V after his marriage to Isabella I. Catalonia's struggle and rebellion against Spain during Portugal's struggle, helped not only Portugal but The Netherlands and these two countries became independent. Not only that, all the Spanish colonies became independent in the 1800s, and in Europe,  Luxembourg became independent, the Republic of Ireland became independent after bloody wars, but Catalunya has always chosen the peaceful way. This pacific spirit didn't stop Franco from killing the democratic elect Companys. Now in 2017, when Catalunya again, in a Pacific way, decided to pursue a referendum on October 1st, Spain gave instructions to the Guardia Civil to stop the referendum and they did, in a Franconian way, as you all can see from the videos here below, where the violence was denied and hidden from viewers of Spanish TV's but although foreign Media, was denied access, they could document the violence, condemned by Human Rights Watch:

Mr. Mariano Rajoy denied the referendum took place:

Casado threatening Mr. Puigdemont:

Trusting that democracy will prevail, and Catalunya will not longer live in fear of what the Spaniards will do against them. Spain has never been united and to force the Catalunians to accept a ruler they do not want, is also against human rights and morals.

Trusting in you, you will support Catalunya's independence!

In the name of democracy,

I, a humble EU citizen ask you to recognize, that the democratic rights of Catalunya, are the same rights that have given you all the right to rule our countries, in the EU or otherwise.

I do this, for myself, and for my children, as I want them to live in a democratic world. Catalunya is not paying me for that, but I do it anyway because if their democratic rights are denied, we citizens of the free world are in danger.

With Kind Regards,

L.L.M.Eliana Santos

L.L.M in Business & Trade Law



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