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Restore TJO

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Over the past few months, TJO has been degrading to a state of absolute disgust, freeranks, unjust demotions, rank buying and even opening up all divisions including Shadows and TG which will get heavily affected by this due to the fact that inexperienced people are joining divisions just for the free dual/doublesabers which they can't even achieve. Rank buying is also a problem, it is destroying the honor and value of a rank, instead of being a hallowed tradition it is more of a thing that everyone hates. Corrupt HRs run all over TJO not being noticed by many people and the bad changes that have been put in so that Askavix could fuel his obsession for robux. As a result of all this, many good HRs have retired/quit altogether. MilesVerandus, GarrettVerandus, Nidoxs, Redbrick550, PancakeIsSad, GraysonVerandus, GamersJorusHoth and more. HRs have even been backstabbed which is highly unjust, then replacing those who deserve it with freerankees. Look in Temple Guards, is it elite? Temple Guards is now no longer elite as it has been opened up into the public where pledges can freely break rules and avoiding punishment. Many people agree with me and many people will sign this.

I hope you see this Askavix, it's not hate, we just want TJO to be a now just community and become one of the best groups on roblox it can be, you can fix this by stopping rank buying, freeranks, having people earn their own ranks, purging corrupt HRs and more. Make TJO what it used to be, this will prevent TJO from dying, it's cycle has already started now and you can stop it.

-scientist123456 and the former HRs

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