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Ask your Member of Congress to visit a food bank in 2013


1 in 6 people in America may not know where their next meal will come from. That number includes children, who risk falling behind in school if they can't concentrate because of hunger. It includes parents struggling to keep food on the table after losing a job. People just like you are struggling with hunger in communities just like yours, and they need help.

But Congress doesn’t get it. And they aren’t taking the action needed to find a solution. The best way to help legislators understand the scope of hunger in America is to see it for themselves.

Our goal is to have every member of Congress visit a food bank in 2013, and we need your help to make that happen.

Please act today to send a message to your members of Congress to ask them to schedule a visit to a food bank in 2013.

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As my Member of Congress, you have a unique ability to help Americans struggling with hunger, either by supporting funding for federal hunger-relief programs or by bringing attention to the great work being done in our state to fight hunger. Please help make a difference in 2013 by paying a visit to our local food bank.

While there are federal programs that help the 1 in 6 Americans affected by hunger, they don't provide nearly enough support to all who need it. That's where food banks come in. When you visit a food bank, you begin to see the scope of the problem, as well as the importance and effectiveness of the partnership between government and charity.

Food banks can't solve this problem alone, which is why your role as a federal legislator is so important. I am asking you that you schedule a visit to our local food bank in 2013 to see the work they are doing in our community and to help bring attention to the issue of hunger in our state.

You can find a list of local food banks in our community at

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