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Ask Valve to scrap their Mass School Shooting video game!

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A popular online video game platform is set to release an extremely controversial video game on June 6 called "Active Shooter," which turns 'mass shootings' at schools into a role playing game.

The BBC reports:

According to its listing on the Steam video game store, the software lets players "slaughter as many civilians as possible" in a school environment. ...

The school-shooting game is described as "realistic" and "impressive". And the developer has suggested it will include 3D models of children to shoot at.
It creates a realistic virtual environment where children are rewarded for shooting children in the game. The maker of this video game is a popular is Valve Corporation.

Users are given on-screen stats informing them of how many civilians and law enforcement officials they have killed during their shooting spree.

The producer of the video game, Valve Corporation, produces another popular video game, Half Life, and are currently in talks with famed director J.J. Abrams ( 'Star Trek', 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens') to produce a film for 'Half Life'. 

Help us tell:

- Valve Corporation
- President and Founder, Gabe Newell
- COO Scott Lynch


- J.J. Abrams

1. That releasing this video game seriously hurts the victims and families of mass shootings.

2. That a video game that encourages and rewards children for embracing the role of a mass shooter and participating in mass shootings, steps far outside what is culturally acceptable and commercially viable.  

1. That they still have an opportunity to stop the release of this video game and salvage their reputation.

By signing this petition you agree, that should Valve Corporation not pull this video game, you will voice your concerns by rejecting the company, its products and any products produced by anyone involved with Valve Corporation including our beloved J.J. Abrams.

We are not powerless to shape our culture and raise our children to be respectful and caring human beings. We have a voice, let it be heard. 

Phone +1 425 889 9642.
Fax +1 425 827 4843.

Other Valve Products:
Video games:

Counter-Strike series
Day of Defeat series
Dota 2
Half-Life series
Left 4 Dead series
Portal series
Team Fortress series


Source Filmmaker
Valve Anti-Cheat

More Company Info:

Total equity US$2.5 billion[1] (2012)
Owner Gabe Newell (over 50%)[2]
Number of employees
~360[3] (2016)
Valve S.a.r.l.
Valve GmbH[4]
Campo Santo

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