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Hey everyone,

As I'm sure many of you that followed me already know, on 12/29/2018 my 17k+ follower, 10 year old account was suspended after I saw a group of people harassing some of my trans followers. I decided to use my larger platform as I often do- and that is to support marginalized people. I posted a very mild message in support of my followers in hopes that this group would leave them alone. It worked, but unfortunately they swarmed my mentions instead, tagging in multiple people to harass me and mass report me (see my dropbox for screenshots). Some of these people that were tagged were large accounts including verified users- which I believe is why I was suspended almost instantly for just quoting/responding.

Most of these people are not from the U.S. so I was unfamiliar with them or their tactics at the time. I have since learned that this group is associated with Graham Linehan (@Glinner) and they hate follow trans people- especially celebrities, journalists, charities and politicians. They word search posts with "trans women", "cis" and "TERF" in them and they coordinate/tag each other in conversations to harass trans women and allies ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. They are so well known for their abusive tactics, that articles have been written about them and the police have now been involved in the UK, yet Twitter doesn't take this into account or use this as "context" when deciding who the aggressors are in these conversations. 

I was suspended for calling them "bigots" and "TERFs" while they were being abusive to multiple trans women and allies and purposely misgendering people and calling them "perverts" and "fetishists" and goading them into responding so that they could then mass report them. One of them also assumed that I was a trans woman because of my support and decided this gave her license to post some pretty vile comments in my mentions- completely unprovoked as well. I reported all of the comments that were directed at me and others, and I got reports back on ALL OF THEM for "hateful conduct" and "abuse" yet nothing happened to them, but Twitter felt that me quote tweeting them/calling them out on their words and calling them "TERFs" and "bigots" is "abusive" and a bannable offense for me. "TERF" IS NOT A SLUR. It is an acronym- one that these people openly embrace (some in their handles or in their bios) unless they are weaponizing Twitter's reporting system against the people that they are harassing- and Twitter is selectively enforcing the use of it (see my dropbox for proof of others not being punished or getting very mild punishments compared to what I received, while their comments in self-defense were much more aggressive than mine was). I have also saved conversations they had with each other when they realized that the terms "TERF" and "cis" are reportable in the UK which is why they are able to get people punished if they report it, and I also saved screenshots of them celebrating when their mass reporting tactics worked. I live in the U.S., not the UK, so if this is the case, it should be up to Twitter to let us know that these are reportable words and either blocking it from view there or allowing us to delete the comment rather than just punishing people in other countries for not adhering to the standards of one we don't live in.

I have appealed and my appeals have not only been ignored, but Twitter is also not closing them out so I cannot put in any others. It keeps telling me that I need to wait for my current open case/appeal to be processed before I can put in any other appeals, but it has now been over 2 months. I also wrote letters and included screenshots to every office in the country, and many of you have also written posts on my behalf asking for my reinstatement which so far has also been ignored. I have literally been trying everything because I don't feel they should keep silencing us.

I have repeatedly reached out to Twitter on multiple occasions when I was receiving sexist, anti-immigrant, ageist, and racist comments. I have reached out to Twitter when I was receiving unsolicited pictures and rape or death threats. I have reached out to Twitter when people were reporting me or threatening to report me as a fake account, "bot" or falsely accusing me of operating multiple accounts. I am NOT anonymous and have multiple pictures and videos of myself and links to podcasts that I have been on, as well as links to my local DSA chapter (that I am the co-chair of) all on my timeline. All of my information has always been accurate and up to date on my Twitter account. I have tried to do everything according to ToS, and I am still being punished which is beyond frustrating.

Twitter has briefly suspended me before for "operating multiple accounts" (I don't have any other accounts) or for "suspicious activity" (always when people said they were reporting me for being a "bot" or "spam") and another time for quote tweeting someone sending ME repeated racist death threats (Twitter told me that this person did nothing wrong and told me to "look at the context". See the screenshots). Each time, they either reinstated me with no explanation or with an apology, because I did NOTHING wrong. I have been a target for mass reporters and harassers- especially over the past year when Twitter kept changing their policies, which Twitter has refused to help when I reached out, and instead has repeatedly punished ME for defending myself or even for doing what they suggest and blocking, which only enrages the trolls more. I have screenshots of people openly saying that they created new pages just to harass me on because they were upset that I blocked them and that I "wasn't getting away that easy" and that they "would just keep coming back". I was on a largely distributed "hit list" aimed at leftists and created by trolls that were encouraging people to troll and mass report people on this list. I tried to bring this up to Twitter. Twitter would tell me that all of these things weren't violations and that I needed to "look at context".

It's unfair that marginalized people are constantly being run off of this site with no ability to speak with a live person or to defend ourselves and that enforcement of policies are selective so we can't even know when we are following them or breaking them and what words will trigger a ToS violation, because again- it is selectively applied/enforced. Twitter also asks us to "look at context" when we are being blatantly abused or even threatened and are reaching out for help, but they don't do the same when they are quick to suspend us or ban us from using their services. Many of us are not abusers and harassers. We are the ones BEING abused and harassed, and Twitter is actively assisting in our further marginalization by silencing us or siding with our abusers who are just better at weaponizing the reporting system, while we just want to be left alone.

I started to document *some* of this just over a year ago when I saw that this would be a constant problem. I have done multiple threads on it on my timeline with many of my followers sharing similar stories, and I started keeping screenshots as proof, because I knew that one day I would need them. Sadly, that day has obviously arrived, but I hope that my work will be helpful in getting my account reinstated and the policies changed at some point down the line so that this stops happening.

I have included a link to my dropbox as referenced throughout this petition that includes screenshots that will show some of the double standards and selective enforcement of policies as well as proof of some of the harassment and reports to/from Twitter and convos surrounding the abuse that I have received.

I am asking that my followers sign/share the petition, and ask the official Twitter accounts and employees to reinstate my account. There is precedent here. Twitter has reversed PERMANENT account suspensions before- including recently (see screenshots) and these accounts were banned for hateful conduct and repeated acts of abuse while I was responding TO abuse that I/others were receiving and then was mass reported for it. Some of them were also banned for a long time (3 months to a year) before they were reinstated. 

Thanks for your help getting this out there. I miss you all and hope to be back with everyone soon! xoxo