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The Save Jamboree campaign now has a chance to ask the council to step in to help prevent the music venue Jamboree from closing. To do this, we must collect 2,000 signatures from people who live or work in Tower Hamlets, requesting specifically that Tower Hamlets council take action.

We don’t have much time though, we must present the signatures by this Wednesday, March 7th. If we can do it, the council will have to debate the closure in a council meeting on March 21st, and we have a chance of having the mayor step in to help us.

If you live or work in Tower Hamlets, please would you sign this petition:

  • Calling on the mayor of Tower Hamlets to intervene in this case and ask Sudbury Properties to revoke their decision not to renew Jamboree’s lease.
  • Calling on Tower Hamlets council to review our application for Cable Street Studios, the building where Jamboree is located, to be awarded the status of an asset of community value, which was declined without due process being followed and without steps for appeal being provided. 
  • Calling on Tower Hamlets council to recognise that if Tower Hamlets wishes to become the London Borough of Culture, it must take actions to support the venues that are providing the lifeblood of cultural life in the borough.
  • Calling on the mayor of Tower Hamlets to ensure that any future development plans will include Cable Street Studios' cultural value and protect its community. 

The previous petition - which was signed by not just local people but others from across London and even abroad - will remain up online, and will add to our campaign. However, the next step is to show the council we have overwhelming support in the local community too. 

Jamboree is a much-loved grassroots music venue which is being forced to close at the end of March after the landlord refused to renew its lease, giving no explanation. We are aware of plans by Sudbury Properties for the building to be redeveloped, however, no official information has been shared with the tenants, and the online page for the development plan was taken down last week.

In the heart of the East End, Jamboree has provided a stage for musicians from around the world for almost a decade and is a hub for the local community. The number of live music venues in London is dwindling with 40% of grassroots venues lost since 2008, and the Mayor of London supports Jamboree’s effort to stay open. 


Thank you for your support and please watch the Save Jamboree Facebook page for more updates.