Ask TOPS Knives to Manufacture Laci Szabo's UUK design

Ask TOPS Knives to Manufacture Laci Szabo's UUK design

July 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chris Zaccara


Thank you for your time! The purpose of this petition is to ask TOPS knives to produce a truly unique and powerful design, the UUK by Laci Szabo. Tops and Laci already have a working relationship. The UUK is Laci’s flagship design that’s been on the market and deployed in the real world for over 20 years. Tops is known for bringing unusual designs to the table, this one is already established available as custom only. 
Tops caters to Military and LEO.
Laci has served as both and has a built-in fan base of same. 
This is a match made in heaven. 
Dear TOPS, we know you’re capable. Please manufacture the UUK. 

The Design: 

“This 45 degrees angle offset gives the UUK the thrusting power of a push dagger with hacking power of an axe, all in a package roughly the size of a 1911 pistol. Thrusting power in both saber and reverse grip, and no loss of reach in reverse grip.”

The nearly legendary Szabo Designed UUK, on the market, and in the field for more than 20 years. The UUK has been carried and deployed by Law Enforcement, Military and civilians. Sold as custom made only all this time, the knife has continued to be the backbone of Laci’s design spectrum. 

The designer: 

I can’t do justice to Laci Szabo’s extensive training background here, but this is a “gone there done that” man. Off the top of my head, Laci has served as a Marine, and Law Enforcement Officer. He’s certified to teach Close quarters and Edged combat. Last I heard he was a member of his local SWAT team. Laci has lived a life immersed in warrior culture, and his designs reflect this. 

The Company: 

TOPS Knives, and elite American knife manufacturer made for and run by current and former Military and LEO’s. TOPS is known for it’s extensive range and top notch quality. 
Tops and  Laci Szabo have already partnered on a few designs, (The Felony Stop and The US Combat Knife) The relationship between the two already exists. 
Tops has never shied away from a unique design, and there is nothing like the UUK out there already. This is an original design from someone who’s both LEO and Military. 
It's a brilliant match. 
The UUK would get the exposure it deserves, and TOPS would have a truly special, truly unique tool to market. 

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Signatures: 70Next Goal: 100
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