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The buying and selling of dogs and cats "in bulk" is big business in the United States. Class B dealers around the country are working daily to acquire, purchase, and even kidnap pets, then sell them off to research laboratories. These dealers are not required to meet any criteria whatsoever for owning, caring for, or selling animals. If that weren't bad enough, this outrageous practice is sanctioned by the United States Department of Agriculture.

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United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
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I respectfully urge the USDA to end Class B, random-source animal dealership. As their name implies, random-source dealers are virtually unlimited in their means of obtaining animals – auctions, pounds, shelters, traps, flea markets, roadside and parking lot "giveaways," other dealers, "free to good home" ads - even pet theft. These helpless animals are then sold, for a tidy profit, to vivisectionists, biological supply companies, and laboratories, where they are sentenced to death, or worse – a lifetime of torturous "research."

Closely associated with Class B dealers are "bunchers," unscrupulous characters who round up animals for these dealers. Bunchers are notorious for answering "free to good home" ads, falsely posing as compassionate animal lovers seeking to adopt a pet. In addition, bunchers are frequently implicated in pet theft, sometimes brazenly stealing animals right from private citizens' backyards.

Class B dealing is an outdated and unnecessary practice that should not be allowed to continue. Please act swiftly to end this inhumane program once and for all.

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