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Ask the University of Iowa to move their money out of banks funding DAPL

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I am concerned about the violations of human rights which are taking place in North Dakota. I am concerned with the police brutality, with treaty violations, and with North Dakota's and the president's blatant disrespect of the sovereignty of Native Peoples. 

I am concerned for the future of our water quality when this pipeline will inevitably leak. I am concerned about the quality of the air.

I am concerned with the misuse of eminent domain laws which have taken land and ruined topsoil of our farmers along easements for this pipeline.

As a result of the concerns stated above, I joined Bold Iowa in temporarily blocking and delaying construction, offering my voice to state that I, along with many other Iowans, do not give my consent to this injustice, and will do my part to uphold justice. I was arrested in Boone Co. Iowa for civil disobedience while holding hands and chanting with fellow water protectors. Eighteen of us were taken to jail on a school bus, and one followed in a squad car. It was through these amazing water protectors that I became involved in a group in Iowa City currently known as Mississippi Stand Solidarity Network. We are dedicated to ensuring that although this project is nearly finished in Iowa, that other places, such as North Dakota, do not suffer the same fate. We are dedicated to ensuring that our water, and the water of our children, is not polluted by oil, for we have not been defeated so long as oil does not pass through this pipeline. The technology for clean energy exists. It is time to implement it and to phase out finite resources which are detrimental to our planet.

The University of Iowa has a great deal of power in helping to choose which way history will be written. Will the university fall on the side of those who stood for justice, or will it fall on the side that stood by and did nothing?

We are asking for the University of Iowa to sit down and have a conversation with Wells Fargo, US Bank, and Bank of America, whom they have done business with, and to ask them to divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline and to invest in clean energy. If these banks continue to say no, we are asking the University to take a stance against injustice and to divest from these banks so that their money, which is essentially a loan to these banks, is not used to fund the pipeline.

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