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Ask the Portuguese government to allow LGBT couples to adopt

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Portugal is one of 10 countries in the world that has a nationwide law allowing for same-sex couples to marry. That's the good news. Yet the current legislation was passed to suited the now departing government's election agenda by not allowing s-s couples to adopt orr have a right to be considered for fertility treatments and so on... Now that elections are to be held soon and said party up until now in government lost all credibility, we appeal to all Members of the Portuguese Parliament to disregard their differences which are formal rather than ideological and make ammends. If they were religious I would also remind them that there would be no reason to impose their beliefs upon their constituents and fellow citizens but seeing as most of them describe themselves as "non-practising christians", "agnostics", "atheists" and "Don't Know/Never thought about it" .. I wont. I believe it was a lapse of judgement (and overrating poltical timimg) rather than a genuine conviction that made them institute Two very different types of marriage: one of which has less rights because the people in it (The Parts, in legal parl ^_^) have a different sexual orientation from the majority. Unfortunately, as the law now stands that word "different" reads very like "inferior and unworthy". Help us change it.

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