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Ask the National Organization for Marriage If You Can Meet Their Gay Friends

The National Organization for Marriage sometimes portrays itself as a kindler, gentler organization in its quest to deny marriage to committed LGBT couples.

Last week at a Georgetown University discussion on marriage equality, NOM chairman Maggie Gallagher said she had "gay friends and family." NOM President Brian Brown has said the same thing. Both throw this line around as if saying, We don't hate gay people; they're our friends! Our family! But… they can't get married and can't enter in civil unions.

While NOM's modern-day homophobia is often more subtle, it's homophobia nonetheless. It needs to be highlighted, then crushed, at every opportunity.  So does the bunk.

Send this quick note asking to meet NOM's gay friends. 

Letter to
National Organization for Marriage
Both your chairman, Maggie Gallagher, and your president, Brian Brown have referenced their gay friends and family when speaking out against marriage equality (on 12/8/10 and 8/28/09, respectively). Who are these friends? And how do they square being your friends given your stellar anti-gay credentials? I would love to meet them.

If they don't exist, stop saying they do.

Thank you.