Ask the MCSD to hold a vote on Resolution of Censure for Frank Myers.

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Maggie Reese
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On the evening of July 18, 2018, local Muscogee County School District School Board Representative, Frank Myers, sexually harassed and bullied a twenty-six year old woman by taking a picture on her Facebook profile, zooming in to crop just her butt and then posting in a public forum suggesting she lose thirty pounds. 

Her response on Facebook is below: 

“Sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Seems like a silly phrase right? Uttered endlessly on school playgrounds but actually it’s pretty problematic. Words hurt. Words matter. Words have power.

Last night, I did something I rarely do these days and engaged in a social media debate to come to the defense of a friend of mine who just so happens to be running for city council.

What happened next was unexpected and completely uncalled for however, not completely surprising in today’s climate.

This comment was made by a MCSD Board Member, after taking a picture from my personal page and zooming in. Despite how utterly creepy it is knowing a zoomed in photo of my ass now belongs on a mans phone who is married and has a young daughter, this is the exact problem with our world.

This man feels invincible. He can say and do whatever he pleases and NO one holds him accountable. He can body shame a woman and question her integrity, all for what? A difference of opinion on candidates in a local election.

I have been told far worse than to lose 30 pounds and I’m sure I’ll hear far worse in my lifetime but here’s what I won’t do. I won’t let him shut me up. I won’t stop working to make Columbus the best damn city it can possibly be. I won’t stop loving every inch and curve of my body. Most importantly, I won’t hold this against his innocent daughter. I hope one day she grows up to be a strong, fierce, independent woman who fights for other women even when the other side yells louder and goes lower.

I hope this shows you all the type of man Frank Myers really is and I’m so glad our local kids will no longer have him representing them in the future. Frank blocked me immediately after giving me his nutrition advice so if any of you would like to share this with him, tell him I forgive him and I hope one day he finds the peace he’s so desperately seeking.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never have power over me." - Maggie Reese

The public response has been overwhelming with over two hundred shares on Facebook in under eight hours. We are asking you to join us in signing this petition to implore the Muscogee County School District School Board to call an immediate vote on a resolution of censure and ask that he step down for a violation of their Code of Ethics.