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Petitioning Commissioner of Food and Drugs, FDA Dr. Margaret Hamburg

Ask the FDA to Revise the Egg Safety Rule

Through an undercover investigation, the HSUS has collected video footage and photographs documenting the systematic abuse of animals at Cal-Maine Foods, Inc., the nation's largest egg producer.


Our findings during this five week investigation at Cal-Maine include the following:

*Birds producing eggs for human consumption confined in overcrowded cages with the rotting corpses of other birds.

*Dead hens, trapped under their cages, had died with their heads on the egg conveyor belts exposing passing eggs to the decaying bird.

*Birds trapped by their wings, necks and legs in the thin, rusty wires of the battery cages.

*Birds with severely injured legs, unable to reach food or water.

*Birds suffering from severe, bloody uterine prolapses enduring the pain of other hens in the overcrowded cages stepping on them.

*Eggs covered in feces and blood.

Please send Dr. Margaret Hamburg of the FDA a message that the cage confinement systems used by the majority of egg producers are a problem that affects the health of the laying hens and increases the risks of Salmonella infection. Please use the form below to send a message to the FDA asking them to revise the Egg Safety Rule to protect human health and stop the terrible abuse of these animals.

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