Ask TDCJ: Reconsider Inspect 2 Protect

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New “Inspect 2 Protect” policies from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) are aimed at combatting contraband, but do so in a way that will make it even more difficult for families to visit and send mail to their loved ones. These new changes include banning greeting cards, craft materials, and anything other than white paper for incarcerated people receiving letters. If a visitor, including a child, triggers an alert from a certified narcotic canine, that person will not be allowed to visit for the rest of that visitation cycle. TDCJ is also now encouraging the use of electronic messaging, which is an occasionally convenient, but more expensive, option. Only people on someone’s visitor list will be allowed to send them money. Sending money is a way for family members who may not be able to visit to still support their incarcerated loved ones.

We are asking that these policies be reconsidered based on the fact that they would further restrict what little contact family members have with their loved ones. Although TDCJ states these are not punitive, their effect on families will be negative. For more information, we have provided links to other resources below.


Inspect 2 Protect:

The impact of the changes: