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Ask Starbucks: Make all outdoor seating areas smoke-free!

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The health risks associated with exposure to secondhand smoke are clear: Secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer, heart disease, low birth-weight, and chronic lung ailments like bronchitis. Just 30 minutes of exposure to it can cause heart damage similar to that of habitual smokers. Additionally, secondhand smoke is known to trigger asthma, allergies, and other critical respiratory problems in people sensitive to smoke.

I certainly understand these dangers: I've lost three of my grandparents to smoking-related cancers. That's why I'm asking Starbucks to be an industry leader in combating smoking-related illnesses. I'm petitioning the company to enact a smoke-free policy for outdoor areas at all of its stores.

Demand for smoke-free outdoor dining is growing. More than 190 municipalities have enacted laws for 100 percent smoke-free outdoor dining areas, and Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, and Washington State prohibit smoking in all outdoor dining areas.

Starbucks’ recent decision to extend its smoke-free policy to outdoor areas in all of its California stores is applaudable. It's important that Starbucks protect customers' health and enact this policy nationwide. 

As one of only a handful of restaurant chains with a worldwide corporate smoke-free workplace policy, Starbucks has already taken big steps toward protecting consumer health. By establishing nationwide smoke-free outdoor dining areas, Starbucks would remain an industry leader and promote a healthy environment across the country where customers can enjoy their time at Starbucks without compromising their health.

Please urge Starbucks to remain an industry leader in combating smoking-related illnesses. Sign this petition asking the company to make all its outdoor dining areas 100 percent smoke-free.

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