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ASK: Sec. Hillary Clinton- To Denounce The Cruel Treatment of Africans in Israel

June 20th 2012 is World Refugee Day.

On this day and always, we remember the refugees around the world. We especially want to raise awareness of the degrading and terrible treatment of Africans in Israel.

These Africans from South Sudan, Eritea, Sudan, Ivory Coast etc; many of whom have endured genocides, wars and unimaginable human rights violations in their countries, sought refuge in Israel.
Today, Isreal calls them 'infiltrators' and is taking steps to deport 60,000 Africans into the unknown, to countries that are barely recovering from the ravages of the African Holocaust (genocides, wars, massacres, rapes, human trafficking etc).

Recently, President Obama issued a new directive for Africa, in which the President detailed his administration's accomplishments in Africa, including support for the people of South Sudan. In this light, kindly join in asking Secretary Hilary Clinton and the Obama Administration:

* To take a visible stand and support a more humane treatment in Israel for these Africans who have escaped genocides and wars and are seeking refuge in Israel.

* To facilitate a dialogue between the Africans in American and Jewish Americans and allies, which will foster understanding and go a long way to reduce anger, hatred, resentment.

Several Jewish organizations from Australia to United States have denounced the poor treatment and questionable remarks made by some Israeli leaders.

We are asking Secretary Clinton not to be silent.

Israel was instrumental in drafting the 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. On this World Refugee Day, we are asking that Secretary Clinton not to remain silent and therefore make an open statement to the Israeli government to take steps in providing protections to African refugees living in Israel.

Together, we can (protect those who have already endured terror)

Thank you and Happy World Refugee Day!

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