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Petitioning Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak

Ask Russia's PM Putin to Allow UN Security Council Resolution Condemning Brutality by Syrian Regime


Demand that the Ambassador of Russia in Washington D.C. encourage Russia's Prime Minister Putin to condemn brutality by allowing the United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the Assad Regime and the brutal crackdown against unarmed civilian protestors and to refer the Assad regime to the ICC


Letter to
Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak
On June 21, 2011, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave a press conference in Paris. In this press conference, he called for international pressure on Syria’s leadership over its deadly crackdown on pro-democracy protestors in Syria. To date, over 1,300 Syrian civilians have been killed, over 10,000 detained, over 10,000 escaped to neighboring Turkey, and over 5,000 escaped to Lebanon to avoid being killed, detained, or tortured—and this continues every day.

The Syrian American Council, a grassroots organization devoted to supporting civil liberties, human dignity, and democracy in Syria, welcomes this declaration by Prime Minister Putin. However, we also know that Russia has stood as a barrier to the UN Security Council effort towards a resolution against Syria for its gross violation of basic human rights and crimes against humanity.

While we understand Russia’s concern of a resolution authorizing military force against the repressive Syrian regime, and the fear of another Libya, the international community cannot stand aside and watch the continuing brutality against the Syrian people. We also understand the delicate relationship between the Assad regime and the Russian government, but Mr. Kislyak, the Assad regime will not last, it’s a matter of when, not if. No matter how hard President Assad tries to fabricate claims of “armed gangs” the whole world sees what is really going on in Syria. When the Assad regime falls, a new Syria will rise with liberty and justice for all. In the new Syria, the Syrian people will choose their leaders and how they want to be governed. They will also choose who they wish to have diplomatic relations with. The Syrian people are not inherently pro-America or pro-West, and there is opportunity for strong relations with Russia. But the longer Russia holds out against a UN Security Council resolution pressuring Assad, the more the Syrian people will see which side of the quest for freedom and justice Russia stands on.

The Syrian American Council represents the Syrian-American community and fully supports the will of the Syrian people for human rights and democracy and justice in Syria. We therefore urge you, Mr. Kislyak, to deliver this message to Prime Minister Putin. Please ALLOW the UN Security Council to pass a resolution condemning the Assad Regime and the brutal crackdown against unarmed civilian protestors and to refer the Assad regime to the ICC. History is being written as we speak. Mr. Putin spoke of international pressure, so he must stand by his words. Show the Syrian people and the whole world that Russia will not stand for injustice and crimes against humanity, regardless of where they happen.

Thank you and sincerely,

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