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Pull "She Didn't Even Know It"

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Rape victims suffer a physical and mental trauma that no one can relate to. For some, it takes months if not years (and sometimes not at all) to heal from a rape. This petition begs for sensitivity for them as there is a musician with such a strong following that dropped a song about this very act. The lyrics and the glorifying of rape is a monstrosity and blatantly disrespectful toward victims; although it was latent it screams memories to those that may have experienced rape.

Rick Ross states in his song and I quote "Put a Molly in the Champagne, she ain’t even know it-I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it" There is a double message in that verse, it is telling our youth (his strongest audience) that it is OK to not only indulge in drugs BUT to rape there after.

Examples of such drugs that our children have at their disposal and there effects are: GHB (street name ‘G’) this is a sedative that attacks the central‐nervous system . The effects can be noted within 10-15 minutes after ingestion. It produces drowsiness, dizziness, unconsciousness, respiratory depression and coma.

Rohypnol (also known as ‘roofies’, ‘roche’, ‘robe’, ‘R2’, ‘the forget pill’) is a powerful sedative. It leaves a victim feeling intoxicated with slurred speech, and impaired judgment. The effects can often be experienced within 10 minutes and can last for hours.

Ketamine (also known as ‘K’ or ‘Special K’) is a disassociate anesthetic agent used in veterinary clinics, which can cause a sense of “separation” from one’s body, hallucinations and temporary paralysis.

Ecstasy (also known as ‘E’, ‘X’, ‘bombs’, ‘MDMA’, ‘the love drug’) produces confusion, anxiety, increased heart rate, blurred vision and fainting.

The drug Molly to which is in this song is very fatal and addictive, it is said that Molly users tend be young, ages 16 to 24, said Pax Prentiss, co-founder and CEO of Southern California's Passages rehabilitation centers. Molly is said to be mixed with everything from caffeine to methamphetamine. It got the name Molly as a result of all of these mixtures thus being like a molecule.

Lastly, here are the statistics of rape, as you can see that there are an alarming amount of rapes that should not go unheard. Based on 2012 reports and derived from statistic brain, the following is noted:

The percent of rapes that take place at a party is 7.2 %
The percent of rapes that take place in a bar 2.2 %
The percent of victims raped by a friend or acquaintance 38 %
The Percent raped by "an intimate" 28 %
The Percent raped by a stranger 26 %

All of these statistics are alarming; however, the one that truly speaks to this petition is the percent of rapes where both victim and perpetrator had been drinking 47 % thus making the the lyrics to this song even more detrimental and cruel.

For far too long, we as a society swept rape under the carpet and desensitized it, treating the victim as though it was his or her fault that they were raped!! This must stop and stop today, tell Rick Ross to stop lyrics like this and to do the right thing and pull this song now.
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