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Ask Retailers and Manufacturers to Ban Plastic Waste for Good

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Over 2.2 billion pounds of plastic waste each year ends up in landfills.

It’s time for us to demand an end to plastic waste for good.

The technology exists to refill household products right in your nearest store, right now. But you aren't getting access to it because retailers and manufacturers believe consumers won't use it.

We need your voice in the fight for refill technology.

What is Refill?
What if you could refill your laundry detergent, shampoo and soap in reusable containers at affordable prices? Would you do it? Of course.

Refill technology is changing the way consumers shop, all while improving the environment.

Zero Waste Technology
Refill technology is one of few options that provide a zero waste solution to product consumption. Think about it, if you refill your bottles there's no need to buy plastic bottles over and over again.

But recycling plastic bottles is just as good, right? Wrong. The truth is, only about 27 percent of plastic bottles used are actually recycled, the rest likely end up in landfills. When plastic bottles land in a heap at your local landfill, it takes them up to 500 years to decompose.

Recycling efforts are important, but there's a better way: refilling.

Using refillable bottles will drastically reduce the time and energy you spend rinsing, sorting and hauling your blue bin out to the curb. It's a win-win for manufactures, consumers and the planet.

How does it work?
Just like bringing your reusable bags to retail stores, now consumers can bring along refillable bottles too.

Consumers simply place their refillable bottle in the refill station, which can sit in any retail store, and tell the machine what to refill.

Let's say you want to refill your laundry detergent. Pop the bottle in the machine, select your favorite brand of detergent, and the station will clean, refill and seal the bottle of detergent for you.

It's as simple as getting candy from a vending machine. Just push a few buttons, and within seconds your empty bottle is refilled and ready to take home.

Fill out the petition and help us send a message to retailers and manufacturers that #WeWantRefill.

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