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Petitioning The President of the United States

Ask President Obama & Congress to Address TSA Requiring Elderly Woman to Remove Diaper


On June 19th, TSA Officers patted down a 95-Year-Old Woman at Florida's Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport and later detained her for close to an hour at which point she was required to remove her Adult Diaper which she wears due to her advanced age and medical conditions. The woman in question has been fighting cancer for quite some time and was on a trip to visit family as she was in her last stage of fighting the cancer.

The TSA has responded that their officers acted appropriately and that they are sensitive to the privacy of travellers. Notably after she removed the Depends for the search by TSA she was left with no choice but to travel without underwear since she had not brough a extra pair on her carryon.

The behavior that is regularly displayed by TSA officers is not sensitive to the privacy or dignity of American Citizens and Congress and the President are all to aware of the situation but have failed to act.

Lets bring attention to this most recent inappropriate act by calling on Lawmakers to change procedures so that some level of human decency can be applied when screening passengers who clearly pose no threat.

Please sign this petition and ask your lawmakers and the President to address this situation immediatly by personally apologizing to the woman who was embarassed and by bring change to TSA's policies.

Letter to
The President of the United States
I recently became aware of an incident in which a woman at Florida's Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport was detained by TSA officers and required to remove her adult diaper which was an embarrassing moment for the 95-year-old woman and her daughter. I ask that you publicly address this matter by contacting the TSA via official inquiry and demanding that such inappropriate and insensitive incidents do not occur in the future.

Further since you are involved in decision making on the Federal level I ask that your office move to try and change TSA policies and also that you apologize to this woman and her family.