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Protect Children in Delhi from Lung disease due to pollution

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I love Delhi. So I also worry about the state of our city and for the well being of all human, plant and other animal residents of our city.

The recent post Diwali pollution was a rude shock for all of us that the very air we breathe in is toxic. But we really should have heard the alarm bells ringing long ago. Our rivers are polluted, the city is fast losing its green cover to development and encroachments. Wetlands and urban wildlife are disappearing and we are very quickly choking ourselves with industrial and vehicular fumes. All this, while the trees which can help improve air quality for free are being cut down all across the city. Its not a coincidence that so many people are experiencing diseases and stress with lives so disconnected from nature. 

The natural environment we live in impacts our quality of life, our physical, mental, spiritual health and that of countless other species with whom we share our once beautiful city. Maintaining ecological balance is also critical to human economic development, food supply, natural nutrient cycles, climate among other aspects. Without nature, we cannot exist!

Sadly, so far we do not see much emphasis on environment and nature conservation, perhaps because we as citizens do not make it our priority. Which is why we need GREEN Voters, people like you and me who understand that a healthy natural environment is most critical to our well being.

Because trees, wildlife and rivers do not have a vote! You can be their vote.

These MCD elections (23rd April 2017), we want to ask the political parties to add a Green Manifesto with some key points:

1. No more tree felling, unsupervised/ unauthorised tree pruning, nailing of trees or concretisation around trees to be allowed in Delhi

2. Increase the total Forest and Tree Cover of NCT of Delhi from 299.77 sq. km. to 320 sq km by May 2019 by planting native trees, shrubs and creepers.

3. Implement a complete ban on plastic carry bags and bottles with strict enforcement. Instead promote cloth/jute bags and paid water dispensers.

4. Demarcate and legally protect wetlands and greenzones of Delhi.

5. De-concretise parks and increase soil cover in residential areas.

6. Parking spaces in the city should be made of porous material, allowing ground water recharge.

7. Allow only treated water to enter Yamuna, Hindon, Sahibi Rivers.

8. Stop burning of crop plants in and around Delhi post harvest season which leads to increased air pollution.

9.  Shut down operation of Okhla waste plant and other such polluting projects/industries in Delhi which are violating the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act and Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act.

10. Ensure waste segregation, composting of organic waste and proper management of waste in all localities of Delhi.

Please sign this petition as we need maximum support from all of you. We will then meet representatives’ from all political parties contesting for the 2017 MCD elections and present our petition to them asking for these recommendations to be added to their party manifestos.

I am a wildlife conservationist working to save nature since the last 9 years.

I realize, the change must begin within each one of us before we see it transform our city. Be a "GREEN" Voter and influence our future policy makers to make our environment and our health a top priority. 

All "GREEN" Voters can maintain a regular dialogue not only within ourselves through a common platform but also with the New government at MCD level to follow up on their promised actions and make informed future voting decisions. Our unity and our numbers will be our strengths.

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