Petition Closed
Petitioning Human Resources Department Sodexo and 7 others

Ask Pierce Dining Hall to serve higher quality foods including organic and local produce

This will support the local farmers and the health of our students.

Letter to
Human Resources Department Sodexo
Residential Manager, Stevens Institute of Technology Mark Banner
Resident Manager, Stevens Institute of Technology Teddy Hayes
and 5 others
Office Manager, Stevens Institute of Technology Yalmel Cancel
Retail Manager, Stevens Institute of Technology Elias Eid
Retail Supervisor, Stevens Institute of Technology Angel Feliciano
College and Universities Department Sodexo
General Manager, Stevens Institute of Technology Alan Bergman
I am currently a member of your food program at Stevens Institute of Technology's Dining Hall and I have been dissatisfied with the selection and cooking techniques. There are very limited fruits and vegetables. I enjoy having access to apples, oranges and bananas but the fruit selection usually ends there. The other fruit that the Pierce Dining Hall offers are usually canned fruit with extra preservatives and sweeteners. At the salad bar, besides the basic lettuce, tomatoes and onions, the other vegetables there are very limited. I would like to see more variety. Once in a while, there will be overcooked broccoli dish or other vegetable at the vegetarian section. I see on your website, you promote yourselves as being responsible corporate citizens who "Protect and restore our environment, Support local community development, [and] Promote health and wellness." I would like to believe that you can support these statements in the food you offer in the cafeteria. Therefore, I would like to see more organic and local produce. Being close to New York, we have many options such as: Gotham Greens and Satur Farms. Please consider my proposition. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for your time and consideration.