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Ask Obama: Send Pardoned Turkey to A Farm Sanctuary, Not Disneyland


Update: The pardoned turkey will not be sent to Disneyland this year! The pardoned turkey, Apple, and the alternate turkey, Cider, will be sent instead to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate. The staff at Mount Vernon cares for other turkeys and animals as well, and it is likely they will receive better care at the estate.

Every Thanksgiving since the Kennedy administration, a turkey has been pardoned by the President. 

Since 45 million turkeys are killed for the holiday, you might think this turkey is lucky. However, the bird is then sent to Disneyland to participate in a parade and then live a stressful life within the park. Many birds are dead within a year of living at the amusement park. 

This year, ask Obama to send the turkey to a farm sanctuary instead. This will allow the pardoned turkeys to live a long and happy life and bring attention the work that farm sanctuaries do for farm animals.

Photo Credit: Benimoto

Letter to
President of the United States
I am writing you to ask you to send their year's pardoned turkey to a farm animal sanctuary instead of to Disneyland.

Each year, 45 million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving dinner, and all but a negligible number of these birds were raised in factory farms, spending their lives in cramped, miserable conditions.

In light of this year's salmonella outbreak, it is time to improve the conditions of our nation's poultry. Sending a turkey to a farm sanctuary could be start, a symbolic sign that birds raised for food deserve better treatment from our farming industry.

Disneyland isn't a humane environment for the pardoned bird, and many have died within the first year of living in the amusement park environment. A farm sanctuary can provide the proper care for the birds.

Mr. President, please consider sending this year's pardoned turkey to a farm sanctuary instead of Disneyland.

Thank you.