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The NFL, NCAA and Wal-Mart are implicated in a sweatshop scandal, producing their licensed goods at an illegal sweatshop in El Salvador, where women are just paid pennies per garment and stripped of their rights.

For more information, please read the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights' report, "Dressing Babies in Sweatshop Clothing: Dallas Cowboys, Ohio State and a Creepy Business" (English / Spanish)

Letter to
VP of Ethical Sourcing, Wal-Mart Rajan Kamalanathan
CEO, Wal-Mart Mike Duke
Commissioner, National Football League (NFL) Roger Goodell
and 1 other
President, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Mark Emmert
Mr. Roger Goodell, Commissioner, NFL
Mr. Mark Emmert, President, NCAA
Mr. Mike Duke, CEO, Wal-Mart
CC: Mr. Rajan Kamalanathan, VP of Ethical Sourcing, Wal-Mart

Dear Mr. Goodell, Mr. Emmert and Mr. Duke,

I am sick and tired of the NFL, NCAA and Wal-Mart producing their logo goods in brutal sweatshops across the developing world where workers are beaten, forced to work 19 to 25 hour, all-night shifts, paid just 10 cents for each $15 to $20 garment they sew—and who are denied their most basic human, women’s and worker rights.

For years you have been gouging out enormous profits—on the backs of young workers in poor developing countries. Enough is enough. Pay a living wage and finally guarantee respect for workers’ rights!

The first step is to immediately reinstate the five women and one male worker fired at the Style Avenue factory for daring to exercise their legal right to organize a union. These workers sewed NFL, NCAA and Wal-Mart baby clothing under miserable and illegal conditions. Now it is time for the NFL, NCAA and Wal-Mart to do the right thing!


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