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Ask Mayoral Candidates to Support Our Library

We’re in the final stretch before the election of New York City’s new mayor. The candidates are listening closely to what voters think is important – and they need to know that a strong New York City needs a strong Library.

The new mayor could try to make devastating cuts to The New York Public Library’s budget. Or the new mayor could choose to protect the Library and enhance the essential services it carries out every day: after-school programs, free classes, Internet access, and millions of circulating books that the Library puts into the hands of 8 million New Yorkers.

To make sure the next mayor knows where you stand, sign the petition below. We’ll deliver your signatures to all of the mayoral candidates by September 1 to make sure they know that New Yorkers need the Library – and we need a mayor that supports the Library too.

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The only way New York Mayoral Candidates will listen

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