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Ask Mayor Bloomberg to step up for dogs. Stop selling pups in stores. Other cities have already!

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Put New York on the map with Burbank, California and tell Mayor Bloomberg that it is time to ban the sale of dogs in pet stores.

Doing so will stop the demand for puppy mill puppies and dogs, thus doing great harm to this shameful segment of the pet industry.

Pet shop owners can, instead, partner with shelters and rescue groups to offer pets for adoption instead of selling pets from mills and shoddy breeders.

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Consumers go to pet stores expecting to acquire a pet from a responsible breeder. Even with all the public information available about the puppy mill industry, it is still difficult for prospective pet parents to resist the lies and misstatements made by pet shop staff about the origin of the pets and the conditions they were raised in and how they were transported.

Even more hidden are the long lasting emotional difficulties these animals often experience, such as fears, separation anxiety, aggression and other behaviors requiring expensive dog training and treatment.

Everyone benefits from creating partnerships between pet shops and responsible shelters / rescue groups. Only puppy mills, shoddy breeders and unethical pet shop owners benefit from the refusal to switch to this humane model.

Responsible breeders benefit, too, as they no longer have to compete with puppy mills charging thousands of dollars for dogs bred and raised carelessly; their sires and dams treated like a means of production rather than the feeling, sentient beings that they are.

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Contact Mayor Bloomberg directly:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007

Phone 311 or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC
Fax: 212-312-0700
Email (online form)

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