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Mary Brown is a Florida woman who had no health insurance. She is the lead plaintiff challenging President Obama's healthcare law. She didn't want to pay for healthcare insurance and didn't want to be penalized on her taxes for not having insurance. She was lauded as a symbol of proud independence.

Mary got sick and had medical care. She was unable to pay her bills. Brown and her husband filed for bankruptcy with $4,500 in unpaid medical bills. These bills, unpaid by Mary Brown, will be paid by taxpayers like you and me who pay healthcare bills directly or have insurance that covers them.

Please help me send a message to Mary and ask her to pay us back for covering her healthcare expenses. We're asking that she send $1 to the first 4,500 people who sign this petition.

What she has gone through is unfortunate and we don't wish it on anyone. Her very situation is an example of one critical problem the healthcare law remedies.

Let's ask Mary to show good faith and take responsiblity for her healthcare costs.

Letter to
Mary Brown
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Mary Brown.

I understand that you are the lead plaintiff challenging President Obama's healthcare law. I also understand that you have filed bankruptcy leaving the rest of us to pay your $4,500 in medical expenses.

I feel badly that you've fallen on hard times. More than 60% of people who file for bankruptcy, like yourself, do so as a result of medical bills they can't afford. It is this situation that the healthcare law intends to resolve. In addition it gives millions of Americans the peace of mind of knowing they can get healthcare when they need it.

As a strong, independent person I hope you will understand that each of the first 4,500 people who sign this petition would like for you to send us a check for $1. We realize that when you refused to get health insurance your intent was not to burden us with your expenses. This is your opportunity to show good faith and take responsibility for your healthcare.

Thank you,

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