Save our Curators! Save our Parks!

This very night I will have the privilege to be at the Blue Mountain lodge to share a revitizing evening of a pot luck dinner, time to fellowship
around the fireplace to usher in the winter and awake refreshed to a country breakfast - right here in the City of Peekskill !! 25 years ago I spent an organizational weekend at this lodge to solidify the formation of the RiverLovers, Inc., a Sloop Club of the Clearwater, which currently meets on the third Friday of the month at the Nature Center at the Croton Point Park!! RiverLovers provided the ShadFest at Croton Point Park for 19 years and that event no longer exists because of the last round of budget cuts!! Save our Curators - leave all staff positions in the Westchester County Budget!! So much and so many count in it - including me, the organizations I belong to and all my fellow citizens who gain so much Quality of Life with the accessibility of these our local recourses!! I hope John Testa and Catherine Borgia -who I voted for - are listening along with the other Westchester County Legislators! Thank you!!
Beverly Dyckman - RiverLovers, Inc. Photographer and Archivist

beverly dyckman, Peekskill, NY, United States
5 years ago
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