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Ask Japanese government: Promise for necessary aid for children who are still exposed radiation more than 1msv/year.

Since we won the Olympic bid , thank you now to be responsible and to adjust the radiation exposure limits to international standards. Japanese government agreed the limits set by the ICRP (INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION ON RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION ) at " 1 mSv " / year Set up after Chernobyl accident this standard was considered as the limit for people evacuation . But today , many children and their families go on living above 1msv/year areas, even after decontamination , without anything being done. This limit was even raised. (up to 20 mSv with recommendations of half an hour per day outside for small children last year)

If Japan , claims to host the Olympics , he must not forget that there are people who are suffering and hopeless about their future and their health problems due to radiation Do not enjoy this festival atmosphère and stifle their voices . You must comply with this limit of 1msv/year and let immigrate population, provide them medical care, make measurements of radioactivity in food and give all necessary support to live decently . ( Cardiac , respiratory hematologic diseases emerged last year among children. This is denied by the government, which only recognizes the eventuality of thyroid problems which are currently the only recognized examinations )
To protect these children, we continue to ask through legal means ( as we did last year ) the promise to apply the threshold of 1 mSv / year . And we are more determined than ever since Japan won the Olympic Games. The country must take its responsibilities towards the Japanese people who live above an exposition of 1msv/year .

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