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 Imagine if you go apply for a visa at some embassy for tourism or Business and you are told that all citizens can apply on their passport for a visa, except citizens of your Origin ,Jewish/African/Asian or any else.They should apply on the passport of country of their ORIGIN. Would you not feel the overwhelming discrimination that embassy is advocating?

Discrimination is something that affects us even when we are not the target. Discrimination in any form should not be accepted especially when it attempts to divide a nation based on its citizen's origin.

India is a democratic country but it is openly discriminating against Citizens and Businesses of UK/US/Canada and many other EU Nations on basis of their Origin when they apply for a India visa.  India sets visa rules differently for our citizens based on their origin which affectively strips some of our citizens of their right to travel as a citizen, on their Passport just because of their origin. 

Please help by signing this petition and asking our Government to raise this issue strongly with Government of India and ask them to treat our citizens uniformly when it comes to Visa applications, not differentiating or discriminating among them just because of their Origin.


Thank you

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Our Government and Foriegn Offices, Dept of State
Ask India To End Discrimination against US Citizens/Businesses on Basis of their Origin for Visas

We would like to bring to your attention a matter that we believe the government needs to take a firm stand on.
India has extended its restrictive visa policy towards our citizens of Pakistani descent, in violation of the reciprocal visa agreements between India and our government. Since 2009 India has barred ONLY citizens/ Businesses/Workers of Pakistani descent from applying for Indian visas ( Tourist, Business or any other) on their UK/US/Canadian passports, unless they produce a certificate of renunciation of citizenship from Pakistan (which in effect means losing their dual nationality if they have it).
This effectively means that citizens wanting to travel to India, whether business people, academics, or tourists, may do so on their passports, as long as they are NOT of Pakistani origin.
If nationals of Pakistan origin, cannot use their passports while traveling to India, they lose their privileges as citizens, including consular access, Trade treaties with India, Business Oppurtunities, when traveling in India. Companies who have many workers that are citizens of pakistan origin cant send their workers for business ventures to India. In addition, they are put in the uneasy position of having to renounce their country of birth and dual citizenship, which is allowed under law. This is NOT asked of any other citizens who also holds dual Nationality with another country but those of Pakistan origin.
Additionally, according to Visa reciprocity agreement,UK/US/Canada grants multiple entry visas to all Indian nationals who apply and are approved for visas but India does not reciprocate when it comes to citizens of Pakistani origin. If they grant visas to citizens of Pakistan origin, very often those visas are limited to three-months, single entry even if the applicant has requested and paid for a longer visa.
Our bilateral visa reciprocity agreements with India do not seclude nationals of Pakistan, or any other, origin; they apply equally to all citizens. Just like US/UK/Canada do not discriminate against any Indian national of any origin and applies a Uniform visa policy for all Indian nationals.
We understand that granting visas is the discretion of any country, and India has every right to grant or deny a Visa but in this case, a country with which the we have reciprocal visa agreements is openly refusing to honor those agreements by not even accepting our passports as valid travel document for visa application when it comes to citizens of Pakistani descent and by applying different application processes for them drived from their origin.
Regardless of where we come from or where we were born we are all nationals, protected by the Constitution. It is incumbent on the Government to stand up for us.
The European Court of Human Rights declared in Timishev, Russia (2005): "Racial discrimination is a particularly invidious kind of discrimination and … requires from the authorities special vigilance and a vigorous reaction." If today we allow India to racially discriminate and separate our citizens based on their origin, tomorrow any nation with a grudge towards any origin can start stripping their rights to travel as citizens.
Law abiding citizens who work hard and pay taxes do not deserve this silence from the government. We have not seen any denunciation from the Government about this discrimination, or any efforts to secure equal and fair treatment for nationals of Pakistan origin when it comes to India. The message this sends us is that our government does not support us or consider us worthy of fighting for at the highest diplomatic levels. We wonder if the Government would remain silent if nationals of, say, British or Irish origin, were included in this profiling by any embassy?
We urge you to send a strong message to any country that tries to divide our nation based on our origin – tell them that we are all Citizens bearing same rights, and any such attempt will come with risk of losing visa reciprocity agreements.
We will look forward for your help in this matter

Thank you for your assistance



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