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Ask Hermès to Stop Killing Animals for Cold-Blooded Vanity

Cold-Blooded Horrors:
Inside the Exotic-Skins Trade.
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High-end fashion house Hermès continues to use exotic-animal skins in its designs, despite the cruelty and suffering that alligators, crocodiles, lizards, and snakes must endure in order for the company to produce a single shoe or bag.

Millions of reptiles are slaughtered each year so that their skins can be turned into accessories. Animals used for their skins are often skinned alive or bludgeoned to death with blunt objects. Animal welfare is simply not a consideration for those who hunt, poach, and factory-farm these animals. Famed actor Joaquin Phoenix exposes the cold-blooded cruelty of the exotic-skins trade in a shocking new PETA video. In the video footage, live snakes are nailed to trees by their heads, and alligators are bludgeoned with metal bats before their skin is torn off their bodies.
Nike, H&M, and have already agreed not to sell exotic-animal skins. With so many stylish and cruelty-free alternatives available, such as fake snake and mock croc, there's no excuse for using animal skins.

Please take a moment to tell Hermès that if the company really wants to be a leader in the fashion industry, it should stop killing animals for cold-blooded vanity.

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