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Change laws so that if any doctors don't treat or do tests on any patients arriving at Hospital and decides that the patient is acting in the way they are because of their disability and especially if that patient dies then the doctor is straight away stood down and not allowed to practice ever again.

This is important to me & my family because my daughter Michelle died from Meningitis, she had a mild Intellectual disability. The doctor who saw her in the Emergency Department of the Hospital did no tests and admitted at the Coroner's Inquiry that she thought of Meningitis that night but dismissed her thoughts and decided that Michelle was acting in the way she was because she couldn't stand the pain in her ear because of her disability. Although Michelle had a mild Intellectual disability she could do just about everything including using the computer. She was an intelligent and independent person who loved to sing and dance and she loved helping others. Michelle was outgoing and friendly who always loved meeting new people. She played sport and many other activities. Michelle wanted to get a job as well as a boyfriend, she wanted to experience everything life had to give. Michelle loved life and enjoyed everyday. Loosing Michelle has destroyed my life, I miss her very much and I think about her everyday.

This law needs to be brought in to help prevent anymore deaths This will force doctors to give all patients the proper and the best care possible. I don't want anymore families suffering like I am with loosing Michelle.

If this change doesn't happen then doctor's will continue to judge patients with disabilities and not provide proper treatment so more patients will die. Discrimination has to stop. This is for Michelle.