Petition Closed

Hank Skinner murdered Twilla Busby and her two sons in Pampa on New years Eve 1994. The lone survivor, Lisa Busby (Twilla's daughter) suffers each time Hank Skinner gets an appeal which he has so far been successful at because the Gray County DA Lynn Switzer will not let the rest of the DNA be tested. This could all come to an end and Lisa Busby could finally have some peace and closure after 17 years when Hank can no longer appeal because all his DNA had been tested. We are asking you to call or email Lynn Switzers office and demand that she test the DNA. Her phone is: 806-669-8035. Her email is: We need 10,000 emails or phone calls to Lynn Switzer.

It will not cost Gray County taxpayers a single cent because there are several Labs that will test the DNA for free.

We need your phone calls or emails to her to hopefully move this hard-hearted woman's heart and finally have some kind of closure for the victim, Lisa Busby.


Letter to
Gray County Texas District Attorney Lynn Switzer, Gray County DA
Ms.Switzer, we are asking you to test Hank Skinner's remaining DNA samples which have been the basis for appeal after appeal. Your refusal to test the DNA keeps Lisa Busby suffering because of the lack of closure. You spent over a million Dollars on the Levi King survivors attempting to give them closure. Testing Hank skinner's DNA will not cost the taxpayers of Gray County a cent. There are several labs that will test the DNA, thus ending Hank's basis for his appeals and giving peace and rest to Twilla's daughter.
Doesn't she deserve some kind of peace and closure as you attempted to get for the family of the Levi King victims?