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Ask Governor Pat Quinn to Sign HB 5790 for Dog- Fighting- Free School Zones

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update- 7/17/2010

Governor Pat Quinn signed this humane bill into law.  Many thanks to Cook Co Sheriff's Department's lobbyist Rob Moon, and Sheriff Tom Dart for helping spearhead this measure with Best Friends Animal Society and Safe Humane Chicago.  Rou, a pit bull and Safe Humane Team member is seated next to Gov. Quinn.


HB 5790 would increase the penalty for making a site or facility available for dog fighting when that place is within 1000 feet of an area where children are likely to be found in high concentrations: by schools, day care centers, playgrounds, parks, and other similar facilities. Additionally, this bill would heighten the penalty for knowingly attending one of these events when the person is an adult and brings a child who is under 13 years of age.  Currently, the penalties for attending a dog fighting exhibition and bringing a child who is less than 13 years of age to that exhibition are the same. 

The exposure of children to fights in these situations is a problem.  In September 2009, the Cook County Sheriff’s Department seized nine mutilated and abused dogs who were used in dog fighting from a home in Maywood that also served as a day care center.  Ten children were present at the scene.

Photo: Chicago Police Department

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