Confirmed victory
Petitioning 30 Bananas A Day (aka 30BaD) Freelee (aka Freelea)

Ask Freelee (Freelea) to immediately stop selling Conventional cotton (which is most likely is GMO) products!

Reduce and eliminate TOXIC chemicals and GMO cotton use that kill, abuse and toxify the animals, the workers (including children) and our environment.

Letter to
30 Bananas A Day (aka 30BaD) Freelee (aka Freelea)
We ask you Freelee to immediately stop selling conventional cotton (which is most likely GMO, 94% of USA grown cotton is GMO) products (t-shirts, underwear..) - for the animals, the workers (including children) and our environment.

As Freelee said in her petition, “This petition is important because people are being exploited and animals are suffering due to the sale of these cruel” GMO clothing products!
“It's time they opened their hearts and allow the animals” cotton workers and environment “to live in peace”!

Animals - GMO and pesticides are used in very cruel and lethal testings on animals. Pesticide use kills animals by the billions, it kills not just insects like bees, but also wild mammals and birds!

Environment - Cotton is considered to be most toxic crop in the world! It takes 1/3 of a lb synthetic chemicals to produce just one t-shirt!

Workers - In many countries, cotton is still handpicked which often includes children! The health risks of pesticide exposure include: birth defects, reproductive disorders and weaker immune systems. 77 million cotton workers suffer pesticides poisonings each year. In India on average, one farmer commits suicide every 30 minutes most are cotton farmers and use the very pesticide chemical sold by Monsanto – know as “GM (GMO) Genocide”