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Please take a moment and send an email letter to our state representatives to encourage them to put in a good word with State Parks regarding our Proposition 84 grant application for funding to build the Harrison Street Park (Harrison and Fremont Streets). You can point out how deficient in Public Open Space the Rincon Hill neighborhood is even as it becomes increasingly dense and there still is no park! You can indicate why a park is important to YOU. And you can tell them that the competition is tough (over 450 applications from around the State) and that we really need their help to win the grant.

A sample letter is provided below that can be edited to your liking OR you can send your own email message without using the form to the following recipients:

Senator Mark Leno:

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano:

Please carbon copy Isabel so she has a record for her files:

Please spread the word with neighbors. It would be great to get 300 letters to Senator Leno and to Assemblyman Ammiano to back up our request (no letters directly to State Parks are allowed with the application). Thanks for all your help.

We anticipate that we will not hear anything official regarding the Proposition 84 grant decisions until October 2010.

Letter to
California State Senate Senator Mark Leno
Open Space Advocate Isabel Wade
California State Assembly Assemblymember Tom Ammiano
Residents of the Rincon Hill neighborhood have worked with open space advocates Isabel Wade and Corinne Woods to create our vision for our first community park to be located at the SE corner of Harrison and Fremont Street (333 Harrison Street is the formal address). You can learn about the park project at

We are seeking a Proposition 84 Grant to help fund the development of our first community park, and I would like to ask that you put in a positive word of support for our project with the State Parks Department.

The Rincon Hill neighborhood has thousands of new residents in high-density high-rises like One Rincon Hill, The Infinity, The Metropolitan, Bridgeview, Avalon Towers, and other residences built primarily along Harrison Street and east of 2nd Street. Despite the thousands of new residents, we have no public green open spaces for recreation. Without a public open space, it is difficult for our new neighborhood to create community fabric via a central meeting space for neighbors to gather. It is also important for our health, especially mobility impaired persons who may not be able to easily travel to Dolores Park or Golden Gate Park, for recreation and exercise.

In addition to Rincon Hill residents like myself, other beneficiaries of the Harrison Street Park could be workers in the office buildings nearby and the hundreds of children who spend their weekdays at day care centers also located at office buildings within walking distance of the park.

Please put in a good word for the Harrison Street Park - there are 450 applications for the Proposition 84 Grant funds, so anything you can do to help increase our chances with State Parks would be greatly appreciated. In order to make Rincon Hill a GREAT neighborhood, we need a park.


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