Ask Everlane to Share Worker Conditions (& Stop Greenwashing!)

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Ask Everlane to Share Worker Conditions (& Stop Greenwashing!)

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Everlane markets its clothing as being ethically made and eco-friendly — in fact, it's built its entire brand on the concept of radical transparency. But there is a lot the fashion brand is hiding.

It's time Everlane stopped greenwashing and misleading consumers about its supply chain ethics.

On Everlane’s website, you’ll find the phrase radical transparency, promising a new and ethical approach to fashion. However, when we ran Everlane through Remake’s Seal of Approval process, meant to determine how truthful a brand is actually being about its sustainability efforts, our findings told a different story.

Everlane states that its clothing comes from “ethical factories.” However, the brand's website lacks information on living wages, working hours, and maker well-being programs for a majority of its listed factories.

To add fuel to the fire, Everlane was recently accused of union busting its American retail workers, as well as trying to keep its employees from discussing their wages with each other. 

Everlane also presents itself as a sustainable brand with earth-friendly practices. However, information on the brand's water, waste, and carbon usage is seriously lacking, making Everlane yet another brand that utilizes greenwashing tactics for getting more sales.

Join us in asking Everlane to come clean about its practices.

Everlane has long benefited off of marketing itself as a radically transparent fashion company — yet, the brand is far from revealing the whole truth about its factory conditions, workers’ well-being, and sustainable practices.


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This petition had 1,298 supporters

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