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Ask Congress To Help Fight Ticket Scalping

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The ticket market is a rigged game. Moments after tickets are made available, ticket brokers use ticket bots to scoop up many of the tickets and then resell them at outrageous prices. Making matters worse, ticket companies often put fewer than half the tickets up for sale to the public.

Congress is finally acting, but what they are proposing is not enough. The BOTS Act, the bill introduced to combat ticket scalping, is being backed by industry insiders who don't want fans to know how tickets are really sold and allocated. We need fans to make their voices heard so that the new law will include language that will actually be effective in fighting ticket scalping.

We are asking for 2 key provisions to be added to the law: (1) Make it illegal for individual employees of venues, artists, and ticket sellers involved in an event to resell tickets above face value; and (2) Require ticket companies to disclose on their website, within 30 days after each event, the number of tickets that were offered to the public during the on-sale and the number of tickets that were held back for insiders or made available during pre-sales.

These two additional provisions will make a huge impact and keep event producers honest about how tickets are sold. But ticket sellers oppose them and we need fans to let Congress know that we demand a better bill to help protect fans from unfair ticketing practices. You can make a huge difference right now by signing and sharing this petition asking Congress to require ticket companies to disclose more about how tickets are sold.

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