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Ask California DMV to Investigate Transphobic Incident

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Amber Yust, a transgender woman living in San Francisco, went to San Francisco's DMV to get her name changed on her driver's license. She had a court ordered name change and was easily able to get a new driver's license with her new name.

But her interactions with the DMV didn't stop there. The employee who had processed her name change wasn't happy that he had helped a transgender person. So he took Yust's personal information from the DMV office, and mailed a letter to her home, calling her an abomination, telling her she was going to hell and that she had made a very evil decision. The letter came complete with quotes from the Bible.

"I was shocked to receive this letter from the person who processed my paperwork at the DMV," said Amber. "I would never have expected that a DMV employee could use information from my name change application to reach out and personally attack me. This has been a traumatic experience for me and I want to ensure that nothing like this happens to anyone else."

Demand that the California DMV investigate this incident, and hold accountable any employees who breached confidentiality and/or harassed California residents. This type of behavior should be inexcusable for any employee, let alone one who works for the state.

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