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Ask Bill Clinton to Support Microfinance in Haiti


Many Haitians are especially hard hit by the world economic crisis, still recovering from last year's devastating hurricanes, and a staggering two out of three Haitians are unemployed. Right now, 80% of Haitians live in poverty, and more than half struggle to survive on $1 a day.

Former President Clinton is the UN Special Envoy to Haiti and recently returned from his third trip to the area.  At the top of his priorities for the area is sustainable job creation.

There may be no better way to create sustainable jobs in places like Haiti than microfinance.  These small loans, often less than $100, help impoverished women begin or expand a small business, leading them to self-sufficiency and enabling them to feed, shelter and educate their children.

President Clinton has been a supporter of microfinance around the world, and no one could do more to encourage the effective use of microfinance in Haiti than the former president.

Please sign our petition to former President Clinton, encouraging him to make microfinance a priority in his efforts to help alleviate poverty in Haiti. 

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