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Bernie, please run for president in 2020

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Dear Bernie Sanders,
        We the people are asking you to run against Donald Trump in 2020. As you know the 2016 primary and general elections were major ones. You senator, fought a great race against Hillary Clinton during the primaries. Although, you did not make it to the very end. All was not lost. You started a great revolution that got many people to wake up, and start paying attention to the major issues that this country and the world face. You won a total of twenty-three primaries/caucuses across this great nation. In those contests alone, you averaged a total of about 2,939,805 votes. Compared to Hillary Clinton, you beat her by about 725,288 votes, as she received a estimate vote count of around 2,214,517. Lets not also forget the many other votes you received in the other primaries/caucuses. The revolution was seen and felt all over this country. Many Americans are still with you Bernie. Thirteen of the contests you beat Clinton in, you won by what some people would call a landslide. Some examples of those are Utah, New Hampshire, Vermont, West Virginia, and Dems Abroad. What's most important is that, even though you didn't win the white house, you have not stopped fighting for the American people. You are still out there standing up against the billionaire class and corporations. The revolution is not over. In fact, it's just starting. That is why we all are asking you to run against Donald Trump in 2020. Because with you, we can change America together. Thank you.

*Attention Bernie Sanders Supporters*- by signing this petition, you are fully supporting Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Please share this petition with your friends and family, and share with them how Bernie is the better choice for America. If/when Bernie Sanders decides to run in 2020, please help his campaign to the best of your ability. The petition goal is 1,539,000 signatures. America needs all of our help. Only then will real change happen.**

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