Ask Attorney General Holder to Appoint a Special Prosecutor for United States v. Scott J. Bloch!

I am a whistle-blower against severe violence against women and patients at UMass Medical Center in Worcester, MA. I was severely retaliated against for making multiple reports to my superiors and law enforcement. The retaliation has included denial of care, physical assault, targeted emotional abuse, intimidation by many, including law enforcement, and rape.

I contacted the OSC during the time that Mr. Bloch was in charge and did not receive any assistance. Some of the male perpetrators, including one who sexually assaulted all of his female patients with indecent A&B of the breasts, have received federal grant money. The institution is an educational as well as clinical institution that receives both state and federal funding.

Whistle-blowing comes with great risk. We need a separate unit to assist both state and federal whistle-blowers. There are many who would subvert the whistle-blowing process; it must not be tolerated.

shawna murray, easton, MA, United States
11 years ago
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