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A few days ago, we released footage of fatal injuries suffered at Arizona’s last remaining greyhound track, Tucson Greyhound Park. Please watch our video to see injuries suffered by dogs like  and Oxbow Savage, who cracked his skull and died during his final race.

You can also see KVOA-TV’s coverage, which includes reaction from track management.

State records show that nearly 1,000 greyhound injuries were reported from 2007-2009 at Pheonix and Tucson Greyhound Parks. 37% were broken or sprained legs and other injuries included broken backs, dislocations, heat stroke, puncture wounds and paralysis. On average, Tucson Greyhound Park, the state's last remaining track, reported two greyhound injuries per week.

As long as greyhound racing continues, dogs will continue to suffer and die. But we can work together to stop this. Please sign the petition below to ask Governor Brewer to support House Bill 2536. Learn more at

Letter to
Arizona Governor
I am writing to ask that you support HB 2536, an act establishing a live racing exception for Tucson Greyhound Park (TGP). This bill was filed by Representative Vic Williams on behalf of the track itself.

TGP was first opened in 1944 and is the last dog track in the state to offer live racing. State records show that gambling on live racing has declined by 75% in the last decade. As the owners of Tucson Greyhound Park stated in a 2000 news story, buying the track was “the worst investment” they had ever made. Their current lobbyist, Michael Racy, has admitted that financial problems at the track “continue to get more challenging.” For this reason, TGP is looking to streamline its business and begin winding down live greyhound racing.

From a humane perspective, dog racing is a losing activity for the greyhounds as well.

According to records obtained by national greyhound protection group GREY2K USA, nearly 1,000 greyhounds were injured while racing in Arizona from 2007-2009. Sixty-seven injuries were fatal. Thirty-seven per cent of reported injuries involved broken or sprained legs, and other injuries included a cracked skull, broken backs, dislocations, heat stroke, puncture wounds and paralysis. This cruelty must end.

HB 2536 is a win-win for the track and for the greyhounds. I ask that you sign this bill into law as soon as it reaches your desk.

[Your name]

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